Reaching Planet Stylist

ICEM claims its new concept design software can speed vehicle development by translating stylists' sketches directly into engineering data.

GM Speeds Time to Market Through Blistering Fast Processors

General Motors' vehicle development process gets a big boost from the latest in supercomputers.

Diagramming sentences can save your company billions

This isn't some sort of cryptic plea to hire hungry, unemployed English majors. Rather, a software company—with CIA ties—has developed a means by which problem identification can be performed so that actual problems can be solved before the potential of recalls enter the picture —or text, as it were.

Moving It: Tools for Handling Materials

Material handling tools.

Efficiency, Variety And Quality–keys At webasto

Although some may consider sunroofs commodities, at the Webasto plant in Utting, Germany, that word is eclipsed by "variety," "productivity," and "quality." Just look at the facts.

Hybrid Hullabaloo

Forget about trying to decide who was first. Ford's Escape is not only America's first entry in the hybrid race, it's the first full-hybrid SUV.

Nissan: How To Achieve Shift

It wasn't all that long ago that Nissan was down and thought to be on its way out. But the company has cleverly and aggressively done a 180 and is now providing returns that other vehicle manufacturers would undoubtedly love to achieve. Here's part of what they did.

Aluminum's Deja Vu Defense

Plodding along while steel blunted each of its advantages and delivered common products to automakers at lower prices, the aluminum industry must take a page from the steel industry's playbook if it hopes to be more than the perennial "material of the future."

Electronic Technologies To Watch

Diodes that convert waste heat into electricity, cheap computer chips printed like newspapers, and electro-mechanical devices that fit on the head of a pin. All of these technologies are in the works and targeted at the automobile, so you should pay attention to them now.


GM’s Real-World European Fuel Cell Adventure

In what has turned out to be highly fortuitous timing, General Motors conducted a 38-day, 10,000-km endurance run for fuel cell cars in Europe at a time when the price per barrel of oil was going through the roof.

How To Handle Anger

Of all human emotions, perhaps none is so satisfying—and unproductive—as anger.

Restoring Character

For many of us, despite the incessant demands, pitfalls, self-inflicted swift kicks to the rear, and other similar occurrences, restoring vehicles is something that must be done.

Getting Out of Neutral

What is the extent to which your company is interested in creating a discernable competitive advantage?

Customer Selection: A Lost Art in the Automotive Industry

With the emphasis on revenue growth in the automotive industry in the last few years, many suppliers have adopted the mentality of “We have never met a job we didn’t like.” As a result, most suppliers have expanded their customer base (or expanded their dependence on one customer) with little thought given as to whether these customers are a good long-term fit.