Marginal: The Industry

If you’re like most people, when you attended parties during this just-passed holiday season, chances are you didn’t show up equipped to do work. Those of us who do what I do for a living, obviously, aren’t like most people. (Tell you something new, right?) But let me explain...

Into the Matrix

Based on the platform of the ninth generation of the best-selling car in the world, the Toyota Corolla, the Matrix is possibly the shape of things to come. And it marks changes in thinking and even process at Toyota.

On The Indusry: The Return of GM

What’s happening at America’s largest car maker—General Motors?

The Dudder: Absolute Proof

I was speaking to a friend recently when he mentioned an e-mail I had sent him a few months before.

Global Logistics Issues

In the drive to reduce costs, auto industry manufacturers are scouring the planet looking for the lowest-cost suppliers.

Automotive Observations: Acknowledging Innovation

The Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Div. announced the winners of its 31st annual Most Innovative Use of Plastics Awards.

Euro Auto: Bright Ideas

One of the buzz phrases amongst European OEMs at the moment is Advanced (or Adaptive) Front-lighting System (AFS) in which the key parameters are road run, road type, weather conditions, and driver requirements.

Issues and Analysis: Ford Post-Nasser

In a short 18 months, external perceptions of the Ford Motor Company have changed so drastically that one can hardly say that it is the same company.

Material Driving Powertrain Production: Compacted Graphite Iron

When asked about the biggest development related to powertrain machining, Mark Tomlinson, vice president of Technology Integration, Lamb Technicon (Warren, MI), proffers an unusual answer.


Simulation: The Real Story

Simulation software used to focus on getting materials handling systems to run properly. Now features are functions are pushing simulation into the operational aspects of factory automation.

Power Grid

The Aurora V8 used in the Indy Rating League has (1) won every IRL Championship, and (2) claimed victory in all but two races. Right now GM Racing is busily transforming this engine. And, oh yeah, it's now a Chevy.

Achieving EXCELLENCE–In Short Order

Some companies talk about becoming lean. And they even practice some elements, too. Few companies go for the transformation in a big way. A great example of a place where this is happening (not “has happened,” because lean is a state of becoming, not of being) is the Benteler Automotive Hagen Drive Plant.Here’s a look.

Saleen's Mass Customization Approach

Steve Saleen has transformed the southern California tradition of car tuning into a science. His facility takes off-the-shelf fords and hones them into performance vehicles in a systematic way that owes more to the assembly plant than to the body shop.

Watching the Wind Blow

Computational fluid dynamics programs are often cumbersome and erratic, which limits their usefulness. Exa Corp. claims its PowerFLOW aerodynamics software eliminates these problems, and creates a simulation tool that not only replicates wind tunnel testing, but accurately models airflow.