Solid Modelers Are Doing More of the Manual Design Work

Mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) can be an odyssey, but the new enhancements to SolidWorks 2001 are down-to-earth useful.

The Re-Birth of the Gold Wing

The massive Honda Gold Wing motorcycle has more parts than a Honda Civic automobile, so the same attention that Honda designers, engineers, and production personnel pay to efficiencies in car-building has been paid to this two-wheeler.

Dedicated Automation to Give Way to AGILITY

Although that headline may cause a certain number of people to roll their eyes and think to themselves, "I've heard that one before!" at GM Powertrain, this isn't theoretical. It's happening. Now.

Insider Trading

The interior may not be where the rubber meets the road, but it is the place where buyers spend most of their time.

No Pomp, Lots of Circumstance

Although GM executive Mark Hogan was providing some insights to graduates during a commencement address, his approaches are beneficial to those of us for whom university just means class reunions...

Microsoft Tightens the Web with its .NET Initiative

Last summer, Microsoft announced Microsoft .NET. Marketing hyperbole aside, this initiative is planned to dramatically change the way your computer and computer applications operate. It also could have a profound effect on your business.


Coating Improves Performance

A coating so hard that aluminium can replace steel?

IT During a Downturn

Boom-and-bust cycles are a fact of life in the auto industry.

Titanic or Turnaround?

The folks at GM are at it again. They have assessed their situation and figured out that they are still sinking fast.

Hot, Cool & Clear

We’re not talking about beverages here, but materials that can make a difference in things ranging from improving emissions to countering carjacking.