March 2014


Saving Pounds with Plastic-Metal Hybrids

Eaton has found ways to save weight by using plastics and metal together in differential parts, and to leverage composites exclusively for applications in its superchargers for small, sub-liter engines.

Professional Workstations Are Still Important

With all the clamor about tablets and mobile phones, one could easily forget about workstations. Don’t. Nowadays, they’re even more primed for the heavy lifting in CAD.

On Electronic Advances

As people become more reliant on their smart phones and other devices, vehicle manufacturers are finding it necessary to make the in-car experience a seamless extension. Even to the point of working toward self-driving cars.

Reducing Weight for Interior Plastics the Sustainable Way

A plastics compounder in the UK proves lightweighting and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive objectives, at least not for interior trim parts.

Volvo’s Drive-E: Environmentally Efficient—& Clever—Powertrains

Funny thing: Volvo’s first car, back in 1927, had a two-liter, four-cylinder engine. And that configuration is key to the company’s future.


The 12 Habits of Highly Effective . . .

We are not all executives. But we are, in our own way, leaders.

Location, Location, Location

The ability to maximize available space and still keep occupants comfortable while conforming to a global hodgepodge of safety and efficiency regulations is an art and a science.


Future Possibilities for Wireless EV Charging

Marc Rosenmayr, CEO of electronics for Hella in North and South America, envisions a future in which his electric vehicle recharges wirelessly in a parking space while he buys a cup of coffee.