The Great Retro Debate

When is a design considered "retro" and when is it a homage to a company's heritage? That's a question even the world's top automotive designers have trouble answering.

De-Commoditizing the Robot

When your products are considered to be fairly fungible with those of your competitors, you can make incremental improvements and hope they are sufficient or you can take a bigger risk and try to make a big difference. The latter is what the people at Motoman selected.

VOLVO S40: All of the Volvo Virtues in a Smaller Package

For proponents of the "bigger is safer" school of automotive thought the description "safe, small car" is an oxymoron.

Lotus Bonds with Aluminum

If aluminum-intensive cars are ever to become more than an occasional curiosity, automakers may have to give up their weld shops.

Laser System is a Bright Idea for Faster Product Development

By using a laser scanning system mounted on the arm of a portable CMM and some clever algorithms that provide automatic feature extraction, vehicle manufacturers can further accelerate their time-to-market by having faster turns from CAD to prototypes to production.

PT Cruiser Convertible

Designing, Engineering & Making The Drop-Top

Inside Edition

Looking inside 10 interesting vehicles. Some production. Some concepts. All with interesting interiors.

Engineering the LX

DaimlerChrysler's decision to scrap the front- drive LH line and replace it with the rear-drive LX large car platform is very astute.

Match Analysis With Materials

Material characteristics and differences are sufficiently disparate so that those designers and engineers who are looking for tools to model parts before they're produced ought to consider those that are specific to the requirements.


The Smart Way of Building Cars

The Smart brand means little to most people in North America unless they have a particular interest in vehicles that are rolling around in Europe but which are unavailable in the North American market.

Tech (Dis) Engagement

In preparing for this issue, I’ve spent time researching two important process technologies, robotics and lasers.

China: A Balanced Viewpoint

For the past two years, there has been a steady stream of articles and seminars about the growing importance/threat of the manufacturing base in China.

Saving Lincoln

Now that the Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle, Mustang, and Mercury Montego are ready for launch, the talk in Dearborn these days revolves around reviving Lincoln.