Hewlett-Packard Gets Into the CNC Business

HP is a firm believer in open systems so far as its computers go. And given that a number of its customers happen to run factories, HP people have discovered that openness is a characteristic that is also desirable for CNC units. So they set about to build one.

Rapid Prototyping at Ford Saves Time & Money

Ford has gone from an array of rapid prototyping equipment in its Advanced Manufacturing Center to implementation in a variety of divisions. Huge savings in time and money are the reasons.

Quality at Ford Wayne Assembly

They're meeting every day at the Wayne plant to help assure that the Escorts built there are not only best in class, but as high quality a car as can be built. The processes are in place, and they are working them—hard.

OEMs, Suppliers & the New Competitive Landscape

Costs reductions are the order of the day. And chances are, the cuts are only going to get deeper. What's a supplier to do? Consider collaborating and innovating.

Consider the Concepts in Terms of Capabilities and Competencies

Although these concept vehicles aren't presently in production, they provide some substantial clues with regard to where the automakers are going in the years ahead. The question is: Can you help make them?

Fuel Cells: Coming Down to Earth

Attention manufacturers of internal combustion engines: Although it is still way too early to become inordinately concerned, Chrysler Corp. engineers have developed what one of them, Christopher E.

CMMs: On the Line & In the Future

Here's the view of one manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) on the present state of affairs and how the DMIS standard may change the shape of measurement.