August 2013


Advancing Assembly

Some developments of interest in the area of putting things together.

Basic Building Blocks for EVs

You can purpose build or you can spread your risks when developing a car powered by electricity.

Continental Helps Create the Vehicular Future

Addressing things like mobility, the environment and connectivity, Continental is developing game-changing technology for the automotive future--and that future, in some cases, is at hand.

CFD Gets Faster Without All the Mesh

A 30-year-old approach to computational fluid dynamics has reemerged, making the transition from CAD to CFD analysis faster and requiring fewer compute resources.

Contenting the 2014 Kia Cadenza

The company known for cars like the funky Soul and the stylish Optima is upping its game with its near-lux development, the Cadenza.n

Little Big Car: The 2014 Fiat 500L

The 2014 Fiat 500L is a larger version of what is arguably a quintessentially Italian car, the 500, or Cinquecento. Some companies talk about “expanding their lineup.” This is real expansion.

Engineering 2014 Acura MDX

Here’s a look behind developments that led to the creation of an all-new crossover utility, the third-generation of a vehicle that is critically important to Acura.


Next-Gen Pretensioner

Snake pretensioner retractor seat belt assembly for global applications.

EGR Cooler for Euro Diesels with Cool Configuration

EGR cooler helps contribute to a fuel economy improvement of up to 3%.

Enginnering a Better Brake Rotor

Two-piece rotor design for the Corvette Z51 Performance Package combines a ductile iron hat with grey iron plates.


On Electronics: August 2013

Infineon's flexibly FlexRay; NHTSA issues voluntary guidelines for in-dash electronic devices; V2V equipment for motorcycles; Wireless Bonded LED

Feet of Clay

What can you learn from "Icons and Idiots?" That people at the top are sometimes there more by circumstance than commitment.

Why Being Global Is Essential

Once, being “global” essentially meant little more than having an address in every country. Now it is an essentially competitive strategy.