February 2014


Global Light Vehicle Sourcing & Emerging Markets

Reducing risk throughout the vehicle sourcing value chain will continue to be a critical industry focal point, and how each country grapples with the economic fallout will be important to watch.

The Road Not Taken

“Success has many parents; failure is an orphan.”


2014 Toyota Highlander: Improvement Through Engineering

The third-generation Highlander builds on the bones of the second to meet the demands of buyers in a fast-growing segment.

Hyundai's Powertrain Approach

Making improvements to existing engines, as well as working toward something entirely different.

Welding Mixed Materials, Multiple Ways

As OEMs and suppliers seek lightweight solutions to meet higher fuel economy standards through multi-material structures, conventional welding techniques are beginning to give way to new solid-state joining methods better suited for creating strong bonds between dissimilar metals.

Dassault Systèmes Goes to the Cloud

Dassault Systèmes' V642014 goes beyond the design and engineering of individual objects to the entire user "experience."

Susan Lampinen: A Colorful, Creative Designer Who Cares

Although it is often said that the exterior design gets people into a car, a bad paint color on that exterior can keep them out. And bad colors and materials on the inside will drive them out. Which brings us to why Susan Lampinen and her colleagues are key.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid: 6, 8 and 4

This vehicle has a V6 under the hood, it produces 377 hp and 377 lb-ft of torque like a V8, and it has the fuel efficiency of an I4. Here’s a look at the powertrain architecture.