A Couple of Cool Tools for Designers

Although plenty of attention gets paid to many of the more mainstream CAD-related offerings, here are a couple that may pass under your radar. Yet if you're looking for fast collaborative development, both may be gear that you can't afford to miss.

Hot 6

After a long absence, BMW returns to the Sport GT Market.

Crossfire: Another Word for PREMIUM

Something well above what has become the accepted Detroit norm.

Telematics for the People

Falling electronics and software costs and new approaches promise to move navigation systems out of the realm of pricey gadget and into mainstream use faster than you might think.

EQUINOX: Executing the Theta Architecture in a Bigger Package

One of the faster-growing vehicle segments is that of the compact SUV. According to Chevy's Margaret Brooks, marketing director for the Equinox, it represented 7% of the U.S. market in 2003 and is on its way to 8.5% by '08. So Chevy is now in the game with the Equinox, its first "car-based" SUV.

High Performance the GM Way

The Solstice will have the ride, handling, balance and power-to-weight ratio it needs, and none of the extra cost. From a traditional standpoint, it's very un-GM.

An Array of Measuring Options

When quality and speed are key concerns, then measuring equipment characteristics matter more than ever.

Steel Wheels Make A Comeback

Aluminum wheels have been on a roll for two decades, but better materials, design and production techniques promise to put steel back on top.

Eight Down, Two to Go

When Ford rolled the Cobra Concept out at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, many observers stopped at the billet-like exterior styling.

VW Is Hot On Lasers

Today, the model that is without a doubt a laser-intensive vehicle is the Golf V, which, according to Dr. Klaus Loeffler, has an astonishing 70 m of laser-welded joints on it. Nothing else comes close.