All Conglomerates, Exit: Stage Left

Remember the days when huge, monolithic conglomerates like ITT Automotive, United Technologies and AlliedSignal ruled the automotive supply landscape?

Jaguar Purrs

Jaguar hosted our first class of master’s degree students from Rochester Institute of Technology’s product development program this past July in Coventry, England.

The Laugh Factory

I picked up a copy of General Motors' 1999 Annual Report recently.

Ford's Failure

There are many pitfalls to writing a column on what is still a breaking story when the column is due.

From the Seas to the Streets

Can a technology developed for one industry have useful application in another?


My original intention for this column was to get into some of the rationale behind what you are holding right now, a magazine that looks substantially different than the one you received from us last month and, if you see it the way that we do, significantly different than any other magazine you have encountered.


Covisint: OEMs vs. Suppliers?

A huge dichotomy exists between owners of Internet-based trading exchanges and those who merely use them.The owners expect to cash in on a red-hot stock market.

Picking High-Quality SPC/SQC Software

If you want to improve something, you measure it. On the production line, within the enterprise, and even externally along the supply chain, the measuring tool of choice is statistical process control/statistical quality control (SPC/SQC) software. Here are some issues to consider in choosing that software.

Aston Martin Triumphant

One of the few remaining enigmas in the automotive world is Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.

Fashionably Late

Honda has always marched to the beat of its own drummer—consider, for instance, how many other automakers also make snowblowers.

Honda's Hat Trick

There is probably no other company that would use a new product development center to create a new car (one that is produced in 12 countries and that is a best-seller in the single biggest market, the U.S.) and build it with a new manufacturing system. But Honda has never really been like other auto companies.

Knowing About Forming

Here are some ideas and tools specifically tailored for those who have an applied interest in forming things with metal.

A Random Walk Through the U-M Management Briefing Seminar...& Yet Common Themes

Each August, hundreds of managers and engineers travel to Traverse City, Michigan, where they not only have the opportunity to knock around some golf balls, but get to hear a vast array of speakers representing the leading OEM and supplier companies. The Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation-organized event is chock full of the latest thinking...and it seems that some of the thinking is shared by a whole lot of people.

Unigraphics Goes Interoperable

For years, people have been talking about teams working simultaneously and concurrently. Unigraphics has some new software that can help turn that talk into action. Here's a look.