May 2014


Snow-Tested, “Intuitive” AWD

A prototype all-wheel-drive disconnect system by Magna responds to changing road conditions before tires lose traction. To prove its vigor, Magna tests the system in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Chevy & GMC & the Continuing Relevance of Full-Size SUVs

While SUVs seemed to have become somewhat marginalized by the Great Recession, the designers and engineers at GM have continued working on improving their products, products that have the lion’s share of the still-important segment.

FEA Goes Deeper into Vehicular Development

What in the world is left for finite element analysis to model, simulate, analyze? Everything. Just look at the analysis programs from MSC Software in the past year.

Faurecia Leverages Mobile Tech for Cars

One way to get economies in automotive interiors is to not replicate what the driver probably already has—an infotainment device in the form of a smartphone. This is one strategy that Faurecia is pursuing.

Steeling the Battle

Does the Ford announcement that the 2015 F-150’s body will shift from steel to aluminum mark the end of steel’s dominance for automotive applications? Not according to the steel industry, which is developing material tech that is light, strong and comparatively economical.

Designing the 2015 Audi A3 Sedan

“This is the first Audi designed specifically for the U.S. market,” says Scott Keogh, president, Audi of America. And so here’s what the exterior designer, Dany Garand, has to say about the A3 Sedan.


The F1 Engine Formula Examined

Now that the Formula One season is freshly underway, it might be interesting to take a look at how the engine formula has changed from last season to this—and it has changed in a big way.



The industry has recovered quite well. Not even the Polar Vortex could put an on-going chill on auto sales, which showed strength as March closed.

The Changing German Landscape

Welcome to the new global automotive industry. Those who embrace change and the new reality will be more nimble, able to act more swiftly and seek new alliances to reduce risk and ensure survival.