Denso Goes Green

A radiator may be the last place you’d expect to find environmental innovation, but Denso has developed a 40% plant-derived resin radiator tank that releases fewer CO2 emissions during its lifecycle, while providing improved resistance to calcium chloride.


Days Of The Future Past

Where we consider eras, foundations, robots, and cars long in coming.

On Electronics - April 2009

Reusing is eASEE It’s not uncommon to near the end of a software development cycle and lack the breadcrumbs to return to the original design, especially in the current environment of vehicle consolidation. Vector CANtech wants to make that process “eASEE.” Its new eASEE PLM software serves as a massive repository, but one that relationally links the data to map systems from legacy to contemporary software architectures. “It allows developers to share and reuse the data, but more importantly, to trace it once they’ve begun development,” says Mark Jensen, eASEE product line manager.

This Too Shall Pass

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."-T.S. Eliot


Building An Ambulance

Ambulance manufacturing is as much about design, engineering and technology as it is durability and functionality.

The Volvo XC60: Stylish, Swedish & Safe

The small premium utility vehicle segment is demanding a bigger share of the U.S. market, so since its XC90 is too big and its XC70 is too wagon-like, Volvo hopes that its XC60 will be just right.

2010 Prius The Not-So-Little Car That Can

The first-generation Prius went on sale in the U.S. in 2000. The second-gen appeared in October 2003. Now it is time for the third. Ask yourself this: Has any car in recent memory come so far in so short a time?

Aero-Style Machining Coming To Auto

As the auto industry turns to materials that are certainly more exotic than the cast iron and aluminum that are familiar, the sorts of processes associated with aerospace manufacturing-albeit kicked up several notches-will find greater application.

Quick Takes - 2010 Ford Mustang & 2010 Ford Fusion

2010 Ford Mustang - More than a facelift, less than a complete re-do. 2010 Ford Fusion - Quieter and more capable.

Microsoft's Mid-Market ERP Array

New releases of Microsoft's ERP products come just in time for mid-market sensibilities.

Redefining Infotainment

"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." -Charles Kettering

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest- April 09

Modular Conveyors for Harsh Production EnvironmentsThe TS 5 transfer system from Bosch Rexroth's Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies Group features a robust design, suitable for harsh production environments and heavy transport of loads up to 300 kg (660 lb.). The TS 5 system can be configured to transport goods either on a workpiece pallet or directly on a continuous roller conveyor, and is available in three widths.Self-unloading ContainersSelf-unloading containers from Absolute Engineering ( are claimed to help eliminate bending to reach parts or place parts on the bottom of containers in a manual load or unload scenario.