Artistic Vision

On December 4, I attended the opening of a retrospective of the work of an artist I have admired for the past few years, David Barr.

Don't Believe the Hype

I recently had the unfortunate experience to drive a Nissan X-Terra for a week.

First Develop Trust

Trust is essential in company-to-company relationships—principally because the lack of sufficient trust is the primary barrier to outsourcing knowledge work, but also because trust is at the core of all relationship formation and effectiveness, a strategic concern as the business environment speeds up.The analysis we did here of barriers to outsourcing knowledge work (September ‘99) was from the customer’s perspective, rather than the supplier’s, but the impediments are not one-sided.


Managers need to expose their companies to a bombardment of new ideas from outside in order to challenge their core rigidities, encourage inventive serendipity, and check technological trajectories for vector and speed versus competitors.

How To Improve Your Dialog Skills

Simple conversation can overcome many of the barriers that inevitably exist in the manager-employee relationship because there is something very democratic about exchanging views face-to-face.That's why managers who enjoy a dialog relationship with their subordinates tend to be more successful than those who don't.There are several reasons for this.

Real Lessons

Biographies and autobiographies are among the types of books that can be both interesting and instructive.


ESP Made Simple & Some Implications of Electronics

As automotive supply companies provide sophisticated systems that aid drivers, they are discovering that electronics technology is driving what they do. Here's a look at one technology and one supplier's approach.

More Than Machining Millions of Parts Per Year: How Cobra is Competitive

Here's a look at how imagination, teamwork, and machining skills are making this second-tier supplier a successful competitor in contract manufacturing.

Robust Changer for Robotic Spot Welding

A robotic tool changer from ATI Industrial Automation is specially designed for transgun resistance welding operations—not only for the performance of the welding tasks, but for facilitating the required maintenance that is often time-consuming, and therefore which decreases overall productivity.

BOSCH Briefly

Here are some aspects of one of the world's leading automotive supply companies, one that is broad-based (product-wise and geographically), investment sensible, and forward-looking.

MES: Will E-commerce Drive It Into Auto?

MES—manufacturing execution system—is not a common term in automotive manufacturing, but the concept is gaining credibility as the industry responds to supply chain and e-commerce pressures.

Johnson Controls Juggles Complexity, Quality and Variability

Johnson Controls' (JCI's) Port Street facility (Plymouth, MI) assembles seats for, among other vehicles, the Lincoln LS.