Body Shaping

The Frankfurt International Motor Show, which is held every two years, is a key centerpiece for automotive developments. Here is a look at some of what rolled out in Germany this past September, with an emphasis on body materials...

Ford Plays It Safe

Safety is a key characteristic of the 2000 Taurus.According to Stephen T.

Got Skill? The Cultivation Game (PART 3 OF 3)

Part three of a three-part series by Colleen DeJong.

Functional Crankshaft Prototypes in Hours: Mazak Makes It Possible

This new development from Mazak allows powertrain engineers to produce steel crankshafts in about eight hours. Think of the implications for product development...and even for racing.

Flawless (Nearly)

How Nissan assures high quality painting by working its "systems".

Making a Million (Engines) at Indy

When the demand for diesels soared, the people at the Navistar Indianapolis Engine Plant had the difficult—but enviable—challenge of finding the way to nearly triple production. Here's some of what they did.

Geography & Technology

Otto Bilz Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. (Ostfildern, Germany) has a solid reputation with the European automotive community for the tooling it provides.

Reinventing ERP after Y2K

The "e" in e-commerce is being added to what has traditionally been viewed as a transaction-based back-office system: ERP. This is making ERP more an equal partner in front-office customer interactions.


Free!!! (Fine Print Follows)

You've undoubtedly noticed that the cool-looking smart Roadster on the cover of this issue was obscured with a form that the people in the Automotive Manufacturing & Production Circulation Department are quite interested in your filling out.

How To Improve Your Dialog Skills

Employees want many things: challenging work, recognition of their contributions to the business, benefits that protect them against the uncertainties of life, safe working conditions, and managers who provide leadership.But beyond this, they want something more: a feeling that what they think counts, a sense of contributing to their company—in short, an opportunity to participate in business decisions that affect them.How can you, a manager, encourage more participation by your people?For one thing, you can listen—really listen—to what they have to say about their jobs, about impediments they may encounter in doing their work, and about any ideas they have for performing better or more efficiently.For another, you can give them more opportunities to do their jobs in their own way.It's a rare manager who can't improve in this area of giving his or her people a deeper feeling of participation in the company.