Turning the Corner on Productivity

Whether it's a machine running at higher speeds with better control or cutting tools that can keep up with the machine, turning productivity is definitely improving. Here's a look at a few of the products that are keeping the pace.

Producing Projectiles on Multi-spindle Automatics

Here's how one Illinois-based supplier is meeting the needs of an airbag manufacturer by turning stainless steel projectiles that are part of the inflation activation system. The production rates are high and the need to maintain quality is similarly demanding.

Polaris Produces Powertrains With Exacting Quality

When people are out skimming across the water, dashing through the snow, or traversing where normal vehicles fear to tread, the last thing they want is a powertrain problem. So Polaris Industries assures the quality of the builds of their products with a coordinate measuring machine.

Software Facilitates Fixture-Free Measuring at Chrysler Belvidere

Checking and holding fixtures are not always available for parts. So the quality personnel at this Chrysler assembly plant discovered a software-based solution.

Robots in the First-Tier: What Do Suppliers Want?

What is thought to be the single biggest order for robotic arc welding and laser cutting equipment has been placed recently—not by an OEM, but by a supplier. An executive at the robot company that won the order provides some insights into things suppliers are taking into account as they take on more robotic equipment.

A Look at the Accord's Product Development

Here's a look at one piece of the development program for the 1998 Honda Accord coupe, which was designed and engineered in the U.S., and is being manufactured exclusively in Marysville, Ohio.

Putting Robots in the Test

That's right—in the test, not to the test. This automotive test equipment supplier is putting robots in places where historically dedicated equipment did the job.