Report from Pierburg

This automotive supplier has long been a significant factor in the German auto industry. Yet due to technology changes, it could have been relegated to minor status. Here's an examination of some of the things that the company has done to make what is most certainly an amazing comeback.

The Accord's Awesome Launch

The people at Honda of America Mfg. have performed some impressive feats of changing over from one model to another since they started production in 1982. But for the '98 Accord launch, the word "impressive" has to give way to "awesome."

A Pressworking Potpourri

There is plenty going on in the pressworking arena. Here's a look at some of the developments that may help you improve your operations.

CAD Now Epitomizes the Slogan: Have it Your Way

Physical prototypes are no longer fashionable for vehicle development. But to eliminate them completely, several trends had to fall into place within CAD, including new and improved application modules, surfacing tools, display techniques and data access.