Improvements To Plant Automation Software

From machine control to operations management, software lets factory operators and manufacturing executives apply the right amount of factory control.

Contact: Making More Accurate Measurements

Here are some new developments for contact measuring.

Not "Only A Movie"

Virtual commissioning of assembly lines—not just the geometry and the kinematics, but the control logic, as well—can make a huge difference.

Will the Future Be Different?

Here's what GM and Chrysler—the "New GM" and "New Chrysler"—need to do if they'll truly be different companies.

TRW Navigates Safety Technology

Engineers at TRW are working on systems that can repurpose information generated from in-vehicle navigation systems to improve occupant safety.

HCCI Holds Key to Gasoline Efficiency

Several obstacles still exist, but researchers at the University of Michigan are closing in on developing an affordable, reliable homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) system.

The Designing The Romance Of The Taurus

When the flagship model for Ford was being created, the designers worked to capture some of the magic of the original Taurus, but to create a car that people could have serious affection for.

Simulation Makes Vehicles Real

Advances in simulation software include integration with other CAx systems, simulations of more domains, and stunning virtual reality.


Seco Tools: Drill or Mill

Seco Tools (www.secotools.com) has upped the speed for its new drilling grade and boosted the capabilities of high speed milling with two new tools.