January/February 2012

Jan/Feb 2012


Hella Expands in Mexico

Hella (hella.com) has been producing lighting products in Mexico far before many other suppliers took advantage of the comparative low cost of production there.

Better Brakes for Active Safety

During a conversation with Dr.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco: Chevy’s First Global Midsize

When Crystal Windham talks about the design of the 2013 Malibu Eco, she refers to the sedan in the context of another car that wears the bright gold bowtie.


Manufacturing Meets Social Networking

It’s “everything you want from an ERP system without the ERP.” It’s Facebook-meets-manufacturing.

Machining - Colder. Faster. Longer.

Cryogenic machining is getting closer to production operations. With good reason.

Looking @ the 2012 Honda CR-V

Introducing the fourth generation of the compact crossover that has perennially been a favorite the world over.

Taking the Weight Off With Hydroforming

How a pressworking process can result in stronger and lighter structures.

Lexus GS: Four Things

The 2013 Lexus GS is the fourth generation of the vehicle. And this time it is designed and engineered to represent what Lexus group vp Mark Templin calls “The new Lexus.”

Molto Mopar

How Chrysler’s parts and accessories brand is being transformed to a purveyor of quality parts for personalization.

Introducing the GPU: Beyond Graphics

Multicore processing can provide a big benefit for safety and security, navigation and entertainment in vehicles. It’s the same tech that may be in your cell phone.


On Mfg: Insert-style Drills; VMCs for Production Ops

Insert-style Drills; VMCs for Production Ops

The Ebb and Flow of Supplier-Customer Collaboration

As we analyze the results of this year’s IRN supplier survey on price reduction requests and the dynamics of supplier-customer power, we have been thinking about the nature of collaborative efforts to reduce costs.

On Electronics: Extending EV Range; Radar and Camera in a Complete Package; Improving Infrared Cameras

Extending EV Range“Range anxiety,” or concern that electric vehicles (EVs) don’t pack enough power to get drivers everywhere they need to go in one charge, remains an issue.

Ford & Future History

History is written not only by the victors, but by who’ve been the most successful.