Blurring Links in the Supply Chain

Acquisitions, alliances, cross-company teams, cross-functional teams no matter how you look at it, the nature of the supply chain is undergoing tremendous change. This necessitates new managerial thinking and the ability to go for the breakthrough. Here's a look at what a leading Tier One supplier, Visteon, is doing...

Building in the Digital World

Product and process design is being done at and for DaimlerChrysler with CATIA. Now the factories where those products are being produced with those processes are also being created with the software.

Where Have All the Mainframes and Minicomputers Gone?

Mainframes and minicomputers haven't gone away. They're just called something else: servers. And they're still just as important to the automotive industry as before.

Changes Abound in Machining Center Capability

Machine tool builders are coming up with some pretty innovative ways to capitalize on advances with both mechanical and electronic componentry. Here are some examples of both—including how they're mating the two together.

Plastics: The Applications Evolve

Plastics implementation expert Dr. Norm Kakarala of Delphi Automotive talks about the trends and developments in the application of plastics.