Fast, Cheap & Accurate Sensor Systems

Can a refrigerator magnet provide a more accurate and faster sensor that can be used for ABS, stability control, and roll mitigation systems?

Smart, Capable Sensor

Those suppliers who are working on lane-departure warning systems, lane-keeping assistance systems, adaptive cruise control, forward crash mitigation, and/or adaptive headlights (and nowadays, it is difficult to find a systems supplier that isn’t involved in at least one of these) should take note of a CMOS image sensor from Micron Technology ( Designated the MT9V023, it is a 1/3-in, wide VGA (i.e., 752 x 480 pixels) sensor.

Student Bodies: Designing the Future

When you visit the design studios of some vehicle manufacturers during the summer, you’ll notice that there are no fewer black-on-black outfits, but more faces that are decidedly...young.

Let There Be More Light

“Consumers say they want to be ‘surrounded by light’ in their vehicles, much as they are in their homes,” says Brian Popsy, 3M Automotive Business Development manager, “but you can’t do that with a ‘corporate lighting unit’ you plug into the headliner.

Creating Future Powertrains

According to Jim Lanzon, executive director, Global Transmission Engineering, GM Powertrain, the advantages of computerized modeling, design, and analysis go beyond the six months and $15 million this technology has allowed GM to eliminate from the development process for a typical transmission. “As we move toward alternative power sources,” says Lanzon, “we are talking about integrated ‘power cubes’ instead of discrete powertrain assemblies.” These units will be designed and developed in tandem, and—in some cases—use designs, materials, and processes currently foreign to powertrain design and development.

Apples & Action

Apples Are Square: Thinking Differently About Leadership By Susan Smith Kuczmarski and Thomas D.

Projects Matter

Reinventing Project Management: The Diamond Approach to Successful Growth and InnovationBy Aaron J.

“And In This Ring. . . .”

Sometimes, with the demands work, family and the rest of one’s personal existence, life can feel like a three-ring circus.


Insider: Don’t Celebrate Yet

Is Detroit finally getting its self-confidence back?

Profiles: High Voltage

Some have called GM’s E-Flex propulsion system a revolutionary change for the auto industry, but the man leading the project is more tempered in his predictions.

Competitive Challenges: Private Equity’s Evolving Automotive Role

One year ago, who among us would have thought we would be writing an article about a major domestic OEM having been bought by a private equity firm and taken private?

Objects of Interest - November 2007

Electrical SealsPAVE Technology’s ( electrical seals are constructed from a space-saving modeled epoxy design with bulkhead piston O-rings sealing insulated, electrical or fiber optic wiring harnesses or pin connector combinations.

Insight: Re-establishing the Importance of the Learning Organization

Over the past five years, IRN has written numerous articles on innovation, new product development, and competitive positioning.

Dudder: Motorized Warfare

In a matter of days, the defections from Toyota were astonishing.

Marginal: Fast, Fresh & Smart

When he was just two weeks into his job at Chrysler LLC as vice chairman and president, Jim Press, who was previously president and COO, Toyota Motors North America and senior managing director, Toyota Motor Corp., talked about “velocity.” About the need to make rapid changes.

EuroAuto: Counting the Cost

Cost estimation is an art.


Learning From Walt Disney

When Walt Disney first penned Mickey Mouse in 1928, he was financially at the end of his rope.

Have Frame Will Travel

Proof that radical departures from proven concepts aren’t part of Toyota’s Land Cruiser ethos.

Fuel Saving Seating

No matter what the final Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) numbers turn out to be, every piece that goes into future vehicles will be scrutinized for weight savings and performance improvements.

Plastic & Profits

Automakers don’t have to default to the aftermarket for optional trim and appearance pieces, says Auburn Engineering. With a little thought, it claims, these programs can be done in-house.

Risk and Reward

Yukihiko Yaguchi, the chief engineer for the IS F, followed an indirect path to creation of this car.

Looking At The Volvo XC70

The third generation is a charm for this crossover vehicle from Volvo. Hailing from the Torslanda plant in Göteborg, Sweden, it builds on a stout platform.

Learning From Walt Disney

When Walt Disney first penned Mickey Mouse in 1928, he was financially at the end of his rope.

The 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show

This is not a comprehensive look at the 2007 IAA. Why? Because it is massive and we are human. But here, at the very least, are some important points to consider.

Beyond Rapid Prototyping: Additive Manufacturing

New materials and machines keep pushing what’s been known as “rapid prototyping” into the realm of additive manufacturing, which is becoming more of an “essential” design and production technology.