DCX isn’t sitting on its laurels.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed that electronic stability control (ESC) become a standard on all model year 2012 cars, which is certainly a potential boon to all suppliers of the technology.


Digital prototyping of seats is the purpose of Seat Design Environment (SDE) from VISTAGY, Inc. (; Waltham, MA). The application provides a complete digital model of the seat, and also provides manufacturing simulation capabilities.

Fast Process For Grinding

Although the Prokos profile grinder from Blohm Maschinenbau GmbH (available in the U.S. through United Grinding;; Miamisburg, OH) is not specifically targeted for the auto industry (through bearings is one application area), given the capabilities of this new machine—which the company claims is the first of its type—it ought to be considered for possible application.


Mark Hogan, president of Magna International (Troy, MI; thinks Detroit’s automakers are coming his way.

Paris Style

Paris prides itself on being the style capitol of the world.


Compacted graphite iron (CGI) has a number of characteristics that can make it an outstanding alternative to ductile iron or gray iron for engine applications.


Soon after announcing that it would create two competing design teams for both its Peugeot and Citroën brands, PSA Peugeot Citroën said it will embark on an efficiency program designed to control costs, enhance R&D, redefine its product plan, and identify new markets.


Plastics Progress: What You Need to Know

New materials that can help produce better products.

Engineering Performance: The '07 Acura TL Type-S

The greatest success for Acura is unquestionably the TL sport sedan (that’s as in “touring luxury”), which it originally introduced in 1996, and which was completely modified in model year 2004.

Present at the Creation

Dr. George Gelb and his colleagues created a device called the "Electro-Mechanical Transmission." You may know it better as "Hybrid Drive."

Hybrid Britannia!

Leave it to the British to create a hand-built sport coupe with a 2.0-liter V10 hybrid powertrain.

Sequel Continues GM's Hydrogen Story

For years the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle has been a major research project.

DUCATI: Back on Track By Developing Innovative Products

Although the Italian bike maker was given up for dead by some, new track-inspired designs and innovative engineering has put the company securely back on track.

Sensing and Safety is Fully Embedded in Vehicles

New sensors, new uses of existing sensors, and the drive to integrate sensors and electronic control units (ECU) are making the various embedded systems sprinkled throughout today’s vehicles more compact, economical, convenient, and reliable, as well as easier for automakers to install and invaluable to driver safety, emission control, and vehicle operation.


Insight: Going Global: A Framework for Strategy Development

In the auto supply sector, the mantra of becoming a “global” supplier is repeated so frequently that few question it as a core element of world-class strategy.

Marginal: Sell the Furniture

“We will sell the furniture to support our new products,” Mark Fields, Ford president, the Americas, announced when he was unveiling the 2008 F-Series Super Duty trucks in Dallas.

EuroAuto: Deutsch: Connecting with Formula One

For a business that “just” makes connectors, Deutsch is, in fact, a very substantial company with a global workforce of 3,500, operations in 25 countries and achieving $500 million in net sales last year.

Dudder: Platform Wisdom

Let’s get some things straight.

Insider: One Step For?ward, Two Steps Back

For all the whining that’s been going on in Detroit of late, it seems that there is at least one glimmer of hope beginning to glow from the banks of the Detroit River.

On Strategy: Going Global: Strategies & Issues

Although North America will remain one of the largest automotive markets through 2010, cost pressures and globalization will make it more and more important for U.S. companies to develop global manufacturing footprints.