Effectively Managing Inventory In The Supply Chain

Can automotive do a better job at managing inventory in the supply chain? Yes, through data sharing. New technology, better marketing and basic, trusting two-way human communications.

Lear's Full-Service Approach To Interior Development

Interior supplier Lear is implementing the advantage of employing a product and process development approach to creating innovative products for its customers.

THE OPERATIONAL WISH LIST: What Manufacturing People Would Really Like

We ask some of the people who are actually involved in producing products what they would like technology vendors to provide. Some of their answers are surprising. All of their answers ought to be addressed by some enterprising organizations.

McLaren's Pied Piper

Gordon Murray has designed both Formula One cars and million-dollar supercars. Now the technical director of McLaren Cars has set his sights on mobility solutions for crowded urban areas.

Akebono and the Power of Process

"Every one of us brings value. That's what we have to respect." That remark is from Kevin Alder, president and COO of Akebono Corp., a company that doesn't want to be all things to all people, but simply the best at what it does. And by recognizing the importance of individuals and their value, it really is simple. But it isn't easy.


Prescience and the PT Cruiser

In the summer of 1994, I was invited to have lunch with Jacques Nasser (he was "Jac" back then) in the executive dining area at Ford.

VW's Incredible New Phaeton Plant

From a distance it appears to be like any other modern city center office block: a seemingly glass construction that looks airy and spacious. As you get nearer, though, you notice that it is slightly different, that there's something not quite right about it. A modern art gallery perhaps, or maybe an ultra-modern apartment block? Even when you get much closer to it, it is still shrouded in mystery, although a look at the circular glass tower might give a clue, as there seems to be a number of cars parked on different levels. However, all thoughts that it might be a car park are banished when you realise that all the cars are the same.

How To Create A Creative Climate

The most successful managers have always been those able to bring out the best in their people, for when people are doing their work well, they tend to enjoy a sense of self-worth, high morale, and the respect of others. Since success has a way of breeding success, such people generally continue to excel in what they do. Managing them is a pleasure.

Repelling Sound, Surf, Sand and Stains

Making acoustic panels for vehicles is very similar to stamping steel. Instead of pounding out sheet metal floor pans, exterior panels or the like, CTA's stamping experts form fiberglass, polyester, and resin into semi-rigid acoustic pieces, four pieces at a time.

Marginal: What Goes Around...

Those of us who can see often take our sight for granted. We walk down the street and whip our head around: Trying to suss out what that cool car is that just went by. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who lack what we're not even thinking about.

Honda Changes the Game

Although Honda has been late to the game that's garnering sales for its competitors (particularly—egad!—Toyota) in the compact SUV category, with the Pilot, it is now solidly in the field. In fact, Honda's tardy entry is so cleverly put together that it may change the game in the compact SUV segment.

Cooking Up a Better Approach to Development & Quality

some people in the industry have high hopes that APQP and PPAP (don't they both have an arcane sound to them?) will help fix two of the industry's thorniest problems: Less-than-stellar quality and plodding new vehicle rollouts.