Hydraulic or Electric

UBE Machinery (Ann Arbor, MI) has long been known by people who are involved in plastic part production as a manufacturer of highly reliable, long-lasting injection molding machines.

PC-based CAD for the Rest of Us

For many automotive suppliers, Windows-based 3D CAD packages are now a reasonable alternative to high-end, Unix-based CAD systems. They run on inexpensive PCs, are full of features, interoperate with legacy data, and they've got the smarts to help designers out.

Atlantic Crossing

A look at some of the developments in England that are driving the auto industry there—and abroad. The indigenous OEMs may be small or just memories, but the transplants and the supply base are hard at it. Here's a look...

Faster Cutting: Cut In Balance

Somewhere between higher spindle speeds and cutting tool performance capabilities lies the answer to the dilemma of achieving higher feed rates without sacrificing accuracy and productivity. Perhaps it's the toolholder...

The Tundra: New In More Ways Than One

Here's a look at Toyota's newest vehicle manufacturing facility, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. When it is fully ramped up next year, it will have the ability to produce 150,000 full-size pickups and sport utility vehicles with the product mix driven by the market, thanks to a flexible approach.

Designs and Developments

Here is a brief look at a few recently published books that are important for managers and engineers in an array of technology companies, including yours...



Adam Smith, the 18th century economist, has had an effect on the way work is done, an effect that undoubtedly transcends what would be expected.