Homeland Security vs. Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains may be on a collision course with homeland security. Sweeping changes are taking place as the U.S. Customs Service shifts from interdicting smugglers to preventing terrorism.

The Lexus GX 470: You Want Me To Drive This Where?

According to Kunihiro Hoshi, chief engineer for the GX 470: “Three of my top goals were to create a body-on-frame vehicle with sweeping off-road performance and unibody-like on-road capability, and, of course, it had to meet the Lexus quality standard.” He met his goals. But why would anyone want to bang this vehicle around on rocks?

Safety & Suppliers: Is There a Market for You?

The automotive safety market is attracting particular attention from suppliers looking for new business opportunities.

Work Smarter, Get More Done

Working yourself to death is not the path to increased productivity. The real trick to improving your output is not to work harder, but to work more intelligently.

Marginal: Ordinarily Different

When I think of millionaires, I tend to think of people whose behavior and lifestyle are more analogous to, say, that of Donald Trump than normal folks. As the old F. Scott Fitzgerald line has it, “The rich are different.” And not just because they have more money.

Nissan Builds an SUV for the Suburban Gentry

Nissan’s Murano Urban Sport Utility Vehicle (USUV)–an appellation whose initials sound like a university for light truck fans–is an offshoot of the Altima sedan (it shares lots of the same DNA), and targeted toward buyers who want an SUV that performs like a sports sedan, of which Nissan claims there are sufficient numbers to absorb 50,000 Murano’s per year. Built in the same Kyushu, Japan, plant as the body-on-frame Pathfinder, the monocoque Murano will supplement that vehicle, not replace it.

French Firms at the Paris Show: Styling

Motor shows are the places where the local manufacturers can strut their stuff knowing full well that it is their chance to grab the headlines. At this year’s Paris International Motor Show, though, foreigners stole the show, specifically Bentley with the Continental GT and Ferrari with the Enzo.

Light On Its Feet

Mark White, manager, Body-In- White Design, Body & Trim Engineering Jaguar Cars Ltd. (Coventry, England), is an aluminum man.

You Can't Get There From Here

Long before he sat behind the “Weekend Update” anchor desk on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, comedian Kevin Nealon was a stand-up comic. And one of his more famous routines revolved around the problems inherent in asking a stranger for directions. “Well,” Nealon would intone, “where you want to go isn’t on this map. But if it was, it would be out here,” a place just off the edge of the map. This lead to directions based on intimate knowledge of local landmarks and lore, and the occasional admonition: “But don’t turn there.”



Already the leaders in rapid model changes, Honda and Toyota have both recently re-made the body shops in their biggest North American plants to produce more models more quickly, at drastically lower costs.

The Electronics Outlook at Bosch

When we first met David Robinson, it was in Stuttgart, where he was executive vice president of Diesel Fuel Injection Technology at Robert Bosch.

Frasher's Odyssey

With the design of its XC90 SUV, Volvo had to navigate between the Scylla of me-too trucky styling and the Charybdis of station wagon wimpiness. Arguably it has done just that.

Surveying the Automotive e-Business Landscape

As an automotive supplier, where do you go to transact automotive e-business? You hop onto the ‘net and then what? You’ve got a lot of roads in front of you.

The Electronics Bazaar

Stripped of hype that died with the craze, the 2002 Convergence conference concentrated on the feasible, not pie-in-the-sky.


Leading chassis developers are creating systems that use electronic chassis technologies to mitigate or even prevent collisions through driver warnings and dynamic intervention. The result could translate into a dramatic improvement in vehicle safety, lower insurance costs, and saved lives—if the obstacles standing in its way are overcome.

New Approaches to Trim Treatment

Exterior trim manufacturer Decoma International has developed two new ways to keep the finishes on its trim parts looking factory fresh.

Design to Reality: the Z4 Roadster

Imagine having an idea that is transformed without a whole lot of modification into a series of cars rolling off the assembly line. BMW's Anders Warming is one of the few who have had that experience.