May/June 2011


Product Development Techniques from Johnson Controls

Here’s a look at how Johnson Controls creates leading interiors as well as cool ideas for clever products

Enterprise Apps Displayed Small

Large, complex enterprise software systems are showing up in small mobile devices

Measurement: Some Recent Developments You Should Know About

Speed and accuracy are vital concerns for metrologists Here’s some new equipment that can help achieve them

Product Development: The View from Delphi

Andrew Brown, Jr, heads up tech at Delphi His focused approach is helping drive the company forward, and is one that may be helpful for others to follow

Mazda5: Crazy Smart

This people mover has the type of design not generally seen on vehicles that aren't all about 0 to 60 This is about seating for six


De Lorenzo’s Inferno

De Lorenzo is nothing if not passionate—which can make him extreme

Sound Generators for EVs


Audi Lightens Up (Structurally)

One of the subtle ways that having a collection of luxury brands can really help a car company became apparent when I recently visited Audi’s Neckarsulm factory, where it builds its Audi Space Frame (ASF) vehicles

The Challenge of Returning Volume

Suppliers we queried in 2010 had different senses of how much of their cost savings would be permanent as production returned to more normal levels Asked where they felt particular pressure to add back resources/costs, suppliers were most likely to mention engineering, followed by program management


Looking @ the 2012 Honda Civic

This is the ninth generation of the perennially popular compact