Aurora Shines

If Doug Stott's passion, enthusiasm, and energy that are evoked by authentic driving machines—the new 2001 4.0- liter Aurora, in particular—could be bottled and distributed, then Oldsmobile would undoubtedly sell far more of its Auroras than the 40,000 they hope to move during this calendar year (4.0- and 3.5-liter versions combined), a volume which is double that which they've been doing with the previous-generation vehicle.

The Next Same Thing

On North America's biggest stage, some missed their cues...


A group of five technology companies thinks it has the perfect solution to make the vehicles of the future "Internet-ready." And they're willing to give it up for free.

Textron Automotive's Advantage: Building Things

This automotive supplier is positioning itself to be a key supplier of certain modules—and is paying attention to the importance of excellence in manufacturing.

For When You're on the Go, Wear Your Computer

The killer applications for wearable computers will be in linking shop floor workers in real time to enterprise resource planning, logistics, warehousing, and other supply chain applications. Here's a peak at why.

XML: The Latest iTechnology-Internet and Integration

XML is the next-generation Web language that defines how data are transmitted and shared across the Internet. It is also becoming the common language both for e-commerce and for applications integration.

Cutting Tools for Powertrain Applications: A Quick Look At Some Recent Developme

Whether you need to hard turn, precisely ream, run at high speeds, or produce plenty of aluminum parts with few tool changes, there is undoubtedly a product that will meet your specific requirements. Here are some details.


Xerox Reproduces Itself (Again)

It has been nearly 15 years since the landmark book and case study on Xerox Corporation appeared and helped start a quality revolution in the United States.


The conventional wisdom is that Ferrari, due to its low production volumes and high-profile name, can do nearly anything technologically that it is inclined to do.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm —Emerson

Sharp Shooter

Chris Turner once worked at Xerox Business Services (XBS), a 15,000-strong service arm of the document company.

About Being Bold

How ambition can be translated into leadership.

In Search of ISO

While the supplier ISO requirement may be a first step toward environmental improvement, it falls far from completely addressing the issue.

What Were They Thinking?

If Mercedes and VW have missed the mark with their latest concepts, it is not a matter of immediate concern; both companies are doing a roaring trade with their current model line-ups in North America.

Drucker Made Manageable

Unquestionably, one of the key management thinkers of the 20th century (something that can be said with more confidence now than it could have been stated just a few months ago) is Peter Drucker, the author of a vast array of books since his first was published in 1933.