The Control Difference

When many people think about a robot, the arm is the thing that comes to mind.

Getting Lean and smart

The way to compete in the 21st century is to work one's operating system really hard (or implementing one if you haven't already, and then working it even harder) and to become a knowledge-acquiring, knowledge-using company that is integrated into a supply chain. Two industry experts explain why these things are vital, not optional.

Addressing Automation's Achilles Heels

Too often, flexible automation programs aren't as flexible as they are intended to be. What's more, in a rapid-cycle product environment, too many of these programs take too much time (and consequent money) to get up and running. Brian Carlisle thinks a better way to implement automation needs to be developed.

Animate Your CAD

In two hours or less, you can create fairly sophisticated animations from your CAD system's solid models so that people who know nothing more than how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on their Windows-based computers can better understand a part or assembly design

The First Look: The Lamb Jaguar

As manufacturers are looking for more flexibility in medium- to high-volume operations, they are increasingly turning to systems that include machining centers. Personnel at Lamb Technicon, one of the world's leading special machine builders, figured that since they know quite a bit about cutting metal at those volumes and about engineering and building the equipment that is up to doing it day in, day out, they might develop a machining center that would be up to the task. Later this year, the Jaguar will be launched. Here's a look.

Turning Up The Heat On Cold Forging

You might want to sit down before reading the next sentence. One of your competitors may have just increased its productivity by 600%. Glad you're sitting? Now it's only fair to tell you that you're not in any danger, that is, unless you're cold forging transmission shafts.

The Process Is the Key to the Future

Most companies use CAD models to develop products. A number of companies are using simulation software to figure out how to best arrange their manufacturing resources, such as people and equipment. Rakesh Mahajan thinks that a real competitive advantage will be found by companies that do the best job of defining and refining their processes.


The Need To Lead

About as frequently as we read new reports about downsizing and the consequent layoffs at companies, we receive news releases from other companies announcing the appointment of new managers and executives.