Quality by the Numbers at Ford

Ford has its share of quality problems. But one thing is certain: When it comes to improving quality, Louise Goeser will figure it out.

Car Design: It's All In Your Head

The annual Canadian International Auto Show Design Forum brings designers together from around the world to present their work and ideas to students and the media. This year, two presenters showed how nature and culture affect the way we perceive and respond to a design.

Cams Replace Crank in new Engine Design

Leave it to the Aussies to design a piston engine that transfers power from the pistons to the output shaft via counter-rotating, three-lobed cams instead of a crankshaft.

Quality Culture at Chrysler

There are three aspects to quality: appeal, safety, reliability.

Achieving Useful Plant Information Made Easier

Yet another Holy Grail in any manufacturing business is having a true enterprise-wide information system for better operational control.

Aluminum Studies

In which we look at a material that is finding use in some of the more interesting vehicles that are beginning to emergeā€”as well as vehicles that we may be driving some day.

Making Telematics Pay

Although the technology has been developed, the economic infrastructure for telematics implementation continues to be an inhibitor.


The Partnership Advantage

Advancing the state of automotive technology these days can require a breadth of expertise that may be difficult for one company to obtain.

The Cost of Zero

By the time you read this, the General Motors “Zero to Sixty” marketing program will be over.

Time for Discussion

The word is that Ford CFO Alan Gilmour is chairing a group asking one simple question: “If we were building a car company today how would we ?” The blank is then filled with anything, from human resources to assembly, or from design to delivery.

IT and Skyrocketing Health Care Costs

Health care is the only consistently booming “growth” sector in the auto industry.