April 2013


On CNG, Hybrids & Real-World Efficiencies

The CEO of automotive supplier KSPG thinks that CNG is a great alternative, that hybrids can be overrated, and there are still gains for internal combustion engines.Dr.

JCI Mannequin Meets Regional RQs

JCI's mannequin allows determination of seating positions for seat and interior developments.

microMAX and a New Approach to Seat Belts

TRW's seat belt concept for the microMAX.

Turbos Help Meet Euro VI for Mercedes Diesels

BorgWarner turbochargers are being deployed on the Mercedes-Benz medium-duty, commercial vehicle diesel engines.

Keep It Clean. Really Clean.

CleanCHK system from ASPEX.


Removing Metal

Some things remain the same. But there are also significant changes in the area of cutting metal.

A Field Guide to Hybrid Drive Systems

When reduced to its basics, there are four types of hybrid powertrains: (1) micro hybrids; (2) parallel hybrids; (3) power-split, two-mode or series-parallel hybrids; and (4) series hybrids. [The last in this series is more commonly known as an E-REV, or Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, and is best represented by the Chevy Volt/Cadillac ELR.]

2014 Mazda6: The Transformation of a Concept

Mazda continues to move forward by providing a design for its already stylish midsize Mazda6 that takes what is normally found on show stands and puts it into driveways.

Designing Seats the PLM Way

The only back-seat driver in designing automotive seats and trim covers is PLM. That’s a good thing.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Inspired by Nature & Engineered to Perform

Yes, you can still crawl up rocks. Yet the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee has interior refinements and amenities of a luxury car. And there’s an eight-speed transmission. And a diesel. And more. And this is a refresh?

MINI Introduces the PACEMAN

While some OEMs talk about developing vehicles for the whitespace between segments, MINI is finding niches that others don’t seem to perceive.


On Mfg - April

Counterboring Inserts; High-speed Milling Machine; Flexible Gaging System

Millennials & Cars

According to Zipcar, owning a car costs about $800 per month. A person who uses Zipcar for 10 two-hour, two three-hour, and two 24-hour trips over a given month will spend about $333.

On Electronics

Shining a Light on Gestures; Johnson Controls’ Infotainment Play; Vibration Cancellation; Sensing Lithium-Ion Overheating

How to Prepare for the Future

The lessons from the last two decades should be a rally cry for global geographic diversification as a primary strategy for any global mass-market OEM.