The Chop House

There's an old football saying that's goes something like this: "Three things can happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad." If you're not a football fan, you may not understand this as a metaphor for convertibles, but suffice it to say that cutting the roof off a coupe and replacing it with a folding canvas contraption opens a veritable Pandora's box. The roof can leak. The body can rattle. Terms like "fit and finish" and "noise, vibration, and harshness" have a tendency to become pejorative. But just as coaches still call pass plays, automakers still build convertibles. Because when everything goes right, there's nothing more exciting than cruising around with the top down (football excepted).

Engineering a Better Business

Enterprise modeling tools model, document, and even "fix" some of the business processes—and supporting information systems—within an enterprise. And now with e-commerce, that fixing can be between two enterprises within the supply chain.

Changing the Dominant Design

Will the Internal Combustion Engine Give Way to the Alternatives? There are certain points when what is a given no longer holds the same level of domination. Right now, there could be a change developing in the ways cars and trucks are powered. The numbers are small, the barriers are high, but the momentum is growing.

Ends & Means: Current Approaches to Businesses, Careers and the Unexamined Life

Some people work just for money. Some people think that you ought to get more out of life. The choice is yours.


DCX Sequitur

How does a company follow up a popular coupe, sedans that attained three of the four top spots in the 2000 Entry Mid-size segment of the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, and the vehicle that it has essentially defined (i.e., the minivan)? Here are the answers.

Improving the C5

Purists may not like it, but today's top sports cars are relying more and more on high technology.

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

You've undoubtedly observed a person doing something that he or she is really good at and said to yourself, "S/he's a natural." By which you mean that their evident ability is just something that they have, that is part of them.

Japan Recovers; Korea Exports

JapanOur underlying assumption for the Japanese economy is that it is beginning to turn the corner with expected 2000 GDP growth of 1.3% (versus 0.3% last year) but significant economic transformations remain.

IT: The Price Is Right?

Buying information technology (IT) has never been easy.

Crystal Ball 2010: Shapes of Things to Come

With all of the merger and acquisition activity in the global automotive industry, do you ever wonder who will be left standing at the end of the decade?

Location vs. Sense

The powers that be at Covisint are trying to decide where to locate the headquarters for the eagerly anticipated new online automotive industry purchasing entity.

Cosworth: The Two Companies

It's a name that to many is the epitome of motorsport engineering.

"Old News"

I just got back from the 2000 University of Michigan Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI.