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Looking at Some Robot Tech

If you were to see the actual version of this, the MotoEye LT laser seam-tracking device for tracking weld joints at high speed and in real time from the Motoman Robotics Div of Yaskawa America (motomancom), you wouldn’t see that red triangle emerging from the bottom of the camera, the SF-D camera from Servo-Robot

GM and the Electrification of the Vehicle

Although GM is the villain in the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, though redeemed in the 2011 doc The Revenge of the Electric Car, the corporation is working so hard at electrification that by 2016 it could be the hero of automotive electrification everywhere

Improving the Internal Combustion Engine

Federal-Mogul has a strategy for improving the internal combustion engine by focusing on key components

Chevy’s Small Block: Story of a Remarkable Engine

This engine has gone through five generations since the mid-‘50s Here’s a look at how the next small block—the 450-hp V8 Gen 5 for the 2014—has come to be

2013 VW Jetta Hybrid's Clever Powertrain Engineering

Volkswagen’s engineers add unconventional spice to the hybrid recipe

FAURECIA’S AWARD-WINNING Product Development Process

This process combines breakthrough innovation with business needs—which means it really is rather clever

Eaton's Approach To Improving Powertrain Performance

Eaton Corp thinks that supercharging is not only the way Corvettes can go quicker, but even small cars like the Nissan Micra can be more efficient

Microsoft's Latest ERP Offering

ERP can be considered the ultimate “office” suite Microsoft Dynamics is making that truer with its latest ERP systems


Aluminum Wheels for Trucks Are Green, Study Says

Alcoa has released a peer-reviewed, life-cycle assessment (LCA) of the use of forged aluminum wheels in place of steel wheels that finds that by replacing the steel wheels on an 18-wheel truck to aluminum, 163 metric tons of carbon emissions are reduced over the life of the wheels

Digital Tech & Making Machines

It is the classic northern California story: Twelve years ago four guys out of University of California-Davis start work in what is now known as the Digital Technology Laboratory (DTL), located nearby in an industrial park in Davis

Buick Design Mods to the 2013 Enclave

Updates to the inside and out of the Buick Enclave


On Electronics

Visteon’s Future Interior Vision; A New Sense for Steering; On Semiconductor Increases Integration; Toshiba’s Sharper View

The Real Deal

Bolt holes That was the main concern, the only concern, really, of one senior executive at General Motors right after the company emerged from bankruptcy

The Total Cost Consideration

As most procurement executives will reveal, one cannot forget that the cost of moving raw materials, work-in progress, and final assembling constitute elements of a larger cost in itself One which is taken more seriously now

On Mfg

Horizontal CMM; VMC for Large Parts; Tools for Turning, Milling


3D Tech & the Re-localization of Manufacturing