Is That A Mirage?

This may be the quietest small car we've ever driven.


With a new fuel cell and a carbon canister, Delphi is giving internal combustion engines a cleaner future and more time at the top of the charts.

Handling Change at Connersville

The Visteon Climate Control plant in Connersville, Indiana, is discovering that not only must it continue to produce high-quality radiators, compressors, condensers, and other related products for its historic customer, Ford, but it must find other OEM and aftermarket customers—which means that high volumes are meeting short runs.

Fast and Easy for MID-RANGE CAD

Imagine 3D designs displayed at the speed scenery flashes by in your kid's computer game. Also imagine easy to use—really easy—solid modeling. Imagine no longer. Here are two real systems that meet the imagination.

Box Section Blues

Boasting more layers than most wedding cakes and unusually tight (for a truck) tolerances, the Linclon Blackwood's cargo box presented a number of unique challenges to its engineering team.


Keeping track of assets—be they parts or entire vehicles—can be more readily done in the largest production plants and associated parking lots through the implementation of a radio-frequency-based system.

Clean And 'Ezee'

There's a new type of steam engine in town that claims diesel fuel economy, near-zero emissions, massive torque output, and low production cost. The auxiliary power unit market is its first target, but cars and trucks aren't far behind.

Complexities of Collaboration

The mantra for e-business in 2001 is "collaborate, collaborate, collaborate."


What's the biggest difference between how BMW builds bodies in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and how it puts them together back in Germany?

Speed to Market

When Dave McLellan talks speed, it isn't about how fast a car can go, but how quickly you can get it from the drawing board to the showroom. And when he starts talking program efficiency, get ready for accepted notions to go right out the window.


Saab keeps the momentum going as a standard bearer of safer cars.


On the Management Side: Don't Let Fears Cramp Your Creativity

Don't be too quick to anticipate criticism. Creativity can suffer if you cannot suspend critical judgment for a reasonable length of time.

Mooks and Midriffs

Recently, PBS ran two documentaries back-to-back that stunned me with their combined clarity about the dark side of marketing, and why things come crashing down just as we're certain good times are here to stay.

On Sustainable Mobility

Is the automotive industry on the brink of a change the likes of which they haven't seen since the days of the Stanley Steamer?

Innovation Considerations

The first annual Innovation Research Network conference was recently hosted by five New York universities, and although key speakers weren't from auto, their messages should certainly be of interest to people in that industry.


While environmental change is demanding in terms of getting commitment and buy in, it isn't hard.