Me The People

MeI’m looking for a new vehicle again

DCX‘s PNGV Journey

Arguably, one of the primary reasons why Daimler bought Chrysler was because of the damned clever designers and engineers in Auburn Hills, people whose imaginations are running on all cylinders

Is Geography Destiny?

Teams are essential for most endeavors, and most certainly for developing what is arguably one of the most complicated electromechanical devices being produced today, the automobile

Words to Remember

Every manufacturing company today is trying to simultaneously meet several challenges

Kill Those Time Killers

People waste time What else is new?

Words Heard at SAE 2000: A Select Sampling of the Buzz

At this year’s SAE 2000 Congress & Exposition there was plenty of buzz and noise inside Cobo Center (including a Visteon-draped People Mover that rolled above the record-setting crowd) Here’s some of the audio, filtered

2000 Opens Solidly

Light vehicle output has kept pace with the accelerated sales tally

Unraveling the MegaSupplier Myth

Recently, automotive industry experts have touted the coming "Age of the MegaSupplier" Proponents of the megasupplier theory insist that the increase in supplier merger and acquisition activity, new global sourcing strategies and increased responsibility heaped on suppliers by vehicle manufacturers would lead to the development of huge, monolithic supplier companies

Truckin‘ in Chicago

The big theme at the Chicago Auto Show echoed that of Detroit: trucks are the ruling class in the American new vehicle marketToyota led the way by launching the latest edition of its popular Tacoma compact pick-up truck


Quality on the Shop Floor

Here's a brief look at some of the equipment that can help you make measurements where the work is being done

At Delphi: Where The Lean Get Leaner

Although they are working the Delphi Manufacturing System hard, team members at the automotive supply company have come to realize that making improvements before equipment hits the factory floor can provide major leverage Here's a look

Assembling the Awesome Audi

Most fans of the TT don’t particularly care how it’s assembled or that this happens in Hungary You should Read on

Top 10 Intranet Deployment Considerations

Intranets, those mostly private networks with the same look-and-feel as the World Wide Web, were virtually non-existent in Fortune 500 companies four years ago Before you rush right out to deploy one, here are some things to think about

Pressworking: Cross-Bar Press Considerations

Handling parts that are hard to handle—like large body panels— parts that have a physical propensity to flex, can be tricky

GM Rewrites the Script

GM heads back to California to establish a new design studio in North Hollywood But this is more than just a sequel—this time they're working from a brand new script