April 2012

April 2012



Reverse engineering for improved performance; digital laser scanner for CMMs.

Green Guide

“Smart Outlet” Creates Electrical Grid Flexibility; Super Seaweed; The Power of Air

On Electronics

In-vehicle wireless charging system; scalable ACUs; lithium-ion battery tech.

On Mfg

Waterjet; Stretch Wrapping; Face Milling for Cast Iron/Steel Components.

Fasteners, Facebook & Things That Matter

If you’re not doing value-added work, just what is it that you’re doing?


NASF Says EPA Chromium Air Rules Have Major Flaws

Claims EPA Used Data from 'Phantom Facilities'


Ford on a PD Roll

Between 2011 and 2016 Ford will have a product refresh rate—as in updating existing products, bringing out new versions of existing products, or bringing new products to market—of 152%.

GM and NASA Develop Down-to-Earth Tech for Assembly

Back in early 2010, General Motors and NASA announced the development of Robonaut 2 (R2), a project that they’d been working on since 2007 (autofieldguide.com/blog/post/gm-nasa-remarkable-robots). As its name implies, it is a robot.

DuPont Learns By Doing

Although the topic was ostensibly the implementation of plastic materials under the hood as replacements for metals—and with there being some significant reasons for doing so, as in “Weight savings vary from 20 to 50%, depending on the component.

A Lesson in Lasers for Assembly

While resistance spot welding is the traditional go-to for automotive assembly applications, David Harvilla, manager of product and applications at the Trumpf Inc. (us.trumpf.com) Laser Technology Center, says that of the more than 2,000 disk lasers in the field, in excess of 75% of them are used for welding.


New Developments in Metalcutting

Hot machines from DMG/Mori Seiki—that we see in the Alps when it is really cold outside.

The Fisker Karma: A Real Car with Real Design & Engineering

When a designer creates a company, chances are that the product is going to be exquisite, not mass-market. Which is exactly what Henrik Fisker has done.

How Hyundai Continues to Advance: The 2012 Azera

Achieving success in the market isn’t something that happens by chance. There is strategy. Commitment. And product. Hyundai is delivering on all fronts.

Complex Assembly Reaches into the Cloud

Even cloud-based ERP can handle complex assemblies with multiple configurations.

Adrian van Hooydonk on Design

Not only must the head of BMW design keep the tradition alive for the main brand, Adrian van Hooydonk is also tasked with creating mobility for the future, as represented by the new i sub-brand—to say nothing of helping drive forward MINI and Rolls-Royce design.

Real Real Steel

Here are some pieces of factory automation that can make a big difference in your assembly operations. They’re the real deal.

Industrial Tourism: Ford Assembly

A snap-shot-like look at assembly operations at various facilities of the company that put the world on wheels.