EDI: Some Things to Know Now

If you aren't EDI-compliant and you'd like to continue to be an automotive supplier, you'd better get moving. When EDI and associated business practices can mean a savings of $71 per vehicle manufactured by the Big Three in North America, you know that the OEMs are serious about EDI.

Mass Customization At Perkins: An Engine with One-Trillion Possibilities

As a world-leader in the production of purpose-built diesel engines—and we're talking about manufacturing 300,000 engines per year; 14.5+ million engines since it was founded in 1932&151;VarityPerkins (Peterborough, England) can't just make someone happy.

Be Prepared To Be Involved

At Eaton Corp.'s South Bend, Indiana, Forge Division plant, success—for both individuals and the business—depends on teamwork. "Be Prepared To Be Involved" is the plant motto. It isn't a suggestion. It is a way of life.

Cutting Tools: New Alternatives for Some Tough Jobs

Here's a look at some of the new tools—and some of their applications—that can help produce parts faster.

USCAR Pushing Painting Technology to the Next Level

The Big Three automakers are getting together through the USCAR organization to develop the ways and means to apply clear coat paint in an environmentally better manner than is the current state of the art. This work is being done proactively, which is in itself a great leap forward.


Quick Comments On Quality Solutions At Cummins

The engine-maker knows this: its customers, primarily OEMs, simply don't expect (and won't accept) quality problems. So their prevention becomes everyone's concern and involvement—especially the operators on the floor. Which isn't the way it's always been.