Racing with Technology

Here's a look at how CAD/CAM/CAE systems and CNC machine tools are being used by Team Rahal to develop vehicles that may be just a little bit faster than those that the other guys have on the track.

A Tale of Two Engines

One is a gasoline-powered engine that resembles a diesel in some ways. The other is a diesel with the NVH characteristics of a gasoline-powered engine. Here's an introduction...

Okuma's Automotive Initiative

There are two new machine tools—in what is likely to become a more populous line of machinery—that have been developed by Okuma America to meet the needs of auto manufacturers. Here is an introduction.

Creating a Better Truck

Here's a look at a study that was conducted by a committee of the American Iron and Steel Institute to determine whether steel could be used to create big, safe and light-weight sport utility vehicles and light trucks.