September 2013


Siemens PLM Simplifies Migrating to Broader PLM

A new version of Teamcenter is out So, too, is an evolving, simplified approach to jump-start companies toward all-encompassing PLM

Quality Tools: Digital & Physical

Looking to boost the quality of your designs or on parts being produced? Check out these developments

Volkswagen Goes Common - But With a Difference

Creating products for its various brands and global markets once meant considerable complexity So Volkswagen has decided to go common—while providing a considerable amount of flexibility

Things to Know about the New S-Class

The first Mercedes S-Class had its run from 1972 to 1980 This year brings the sixth generation They didn’t want to create just another luxury car They wanted to create the contemporary luxury car

Delphi's Approach to Automotive Electronics

The head of Delphi Electronics & Safety, Jugal K Vijayvargiya, explains that the name of the game today is understanding electronics on a systems level Of course, having hardware and software expertise matters, too


Supplier Strategies for the Recovering Industry

A focus on product and process innovation, proactive customer involvement, global production and development capability, as well as a regimented portfolio optimization plan are the key constructs for supplier success

Why Makers Matter

Were it not for people like Henry Ford and Steve Jobs, where would we be today?

Prototyping Past 1,000 mph

Accelerate - September 2013


Award-Winning Powder Metal Parts Save Big Money

Winners of the 2013 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition are announced

Coolant Pumps Save Fuel for Heavy Trucks

Pumps help reduce emissions, minimalize noise and require no periodic maintenance