July/August 2011

July/Aug 2011 ADP


Plastic Developments

A quick survey of some of the latest issues and developments in the plastics field.

Safety Tech

You don’t want to get into an accident. But if you do, you probably want your vehicle equipped with the tech discussed here.

Saab's Crossover: 9-4X

While the company’s financials seem to be tidal in nature (money in, money out, money in. . .), there is no question that there is solid design and engineering chops behind this new crossover for the historically Swedish marque. Incidentally: It was engineered in the U.S.

Ford Tools Up for Flexible Assembly Capability

Not only has Ford developed the flexibility to assemble different body styles and models on the same line, but even to build vehicles that have entirely different powertrains on the same line. Here’s a look at what’s behind the transformation.

A Family Prius for the Prius Family

The Prius v uses many of the familiar building blocks to produce a cargo and people hauler aimed at active families that might otherwise opt for traditional small SUVs and crossovers.

New Machines from Doosan Infracore

Increased capability and performance are just two of the characteristics of the equipment being introduced.

At the Acura Stand: Refining the TL

In 2010, 34,049 Acura TLs—produced in Marysville, OH—were sold, making it Acura’s best-selling sport sedan. For the 2012 model year (and the 2011 sales year) they’ve made the car even better, primarily through a series of well-executed . . . tweaks. Here’s how.


The Values of Innovation

The ability to add value and be compensated for it is critical to being able to fund the next big thing (or the next in a series of incremental little things). And after all, if you are not making money on the value you add, why do it?

Wallpaper & Change

You can choose to see what’s really happening. Or you can go merrily to your end.


Audi Interiors: A1, Too

It may be a compact car, but it is still an Audi.

Ford of Europe Gets Happy

Comfortable employees can lead to better quality cars.

Looking @ the 2012 Hyundai Accent

In 1998, Hyundai Motor America (HMA) sold 91,217 cars in the U.S.

Scion Circa Now

Scion was introduced in March, 2002, the second channel that Toyota established in the U.S. market following its launch of Lexus in 1989.Last year, Scion had three cars in the market, the xB, the tC, and the xD.

A New Approach to Vehicle Structural Engineering Developed

Chris Theodore has developed a third way for vehicle construction: Not unibody, not body-on-frame, but what he’s trademarked and patented as “Uni-Chassis.”

Material Handling Robot with a RAP

Material handling robot with advanced audio system enhances plant safety.