April 2014


Looking East

The best-selling passenger car in China is the Volkswagen Lavida

On Mfg - April 2014

New Inserts for Machining Cast Iron  What: Two Tiger•tec Silver geometries and two grades for cast iron machining: RK5 for roughing and RK7 for interrupted cuts

Love Thy Supplier

The challenges facing the industry throughout the next decade almost make the last decade’s look easy


Machining a "Rock Racer"

Building a race car to traverse dusty Mojave Desert trails at more than 100 mph and then crawl up steep stone-covered hills is no small feat

Big Data & Metalcutting

Here’s how metalcutting can get a whole lot better through the aggregation and analysis of data

GM Brings on the Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra

Those who are looking for dependability, durability and capability in their trucks now have new vehicles from Chevrolet and GMC to consider, heavy-duty trucks that also include style and comfort

Andrew D. Smith: Australian in America Who Gets It

Sometimes an outsider perspective is absolutely essential to understand the unique possibilities presented by a brand like Cadillac

Industrial Control Keeps Getting Better

The changes in PLCs and PACs aren’t so much in operational, but in networking, user interface, and compute horsepower

The K900: Kia Goes Big & Up

Once, Kia was all about comparatively innocuous, thrifty cars Then it began to put stunning designs on the road Now it is going after luxury buyers