On the '09 F-150: Pat Schiavone

On the morning of Sunday, January 13, 2008, the 2009 Ford F-150 was given its public introduction at the North American International Auto Show. The 2009 Dodge Ram was introduced within the same hour. Two big intros in the context of Detroit-"Detroit" as in the auto show; "Detroit" as in the domestic vehicle manufacturers. Later that day we sat down with Patrick Schiavone, design director, Ford Trucks and SUVs, to get his views on how he felt about the '09 F-150, especially in light of the other new truck in Cobo Center. Here's what we learned . . .

Ram On

It pretty much began with the 1994 Dodge Ram pickup.

GM Hope to Go Green With Less Yellow

For the past couple of years, General Motors had been touting its E85 ethanol-capable vehicles with the theme “Live Green, Go Yellow” campaign, with the “yellow” signifying corn.

Buying Time

As competition in the market gets even more hyperdemanding, it is crucial for designers and engineers to have a better coordination with their colleagues on the marketing side of the house.


Dudder: The Culture War

You have to wonder why we have lost what we have lost.

Insight: Supplying the New Domestics

If you're a supplier and want to get business with the New Domestics, here are some things to think about.

EuroAuto: Turbocharging's Growing Implementation

A quarter of a century ago, the turbocharger was regarded as a "tuning tool"-a relatively cheap way of giving a car engine a performance advantage over a normally aspirated one.

Profiles - David Lewis: Telling a Design Story

"Compelling design communicates an original idea and gets to the core of the product. It also makes you react. You may like what you see or you may dislike it. But good design never leaves you indifferent."-David Lewis

Marginal: High Performance

The photograph on the cover of this issue is of a disassembled LS9 engine.

Competitive Challenges: The Next 20 Years

As I spent what was my 20th anniversary of walking the Detroit Auto Show and then a month later walking the enormous Chicago Auto Show, I reflected on the many changes in the industry.

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: March 2008

Compact Robotic SystemsNachi Robotic Systems ( Presto ST robotic series now includes the SC70L and ST100 multi-purpose models ideal for mounting new lightweight spot welding guns.


Tenneco Puts It All Together: For Diesel Exhaust

While there are regulations and attendant consternation regarding diesel emissions, Tenneco believes that it has the technical wherewithal to handle the needs of diesel engines 2 liters and above.

360 of CAD

CAD-neutral CADSpaceClaim 2007+ from SpaceClaim Corp. (Concord, MA; is a CAD-neutral mechanical design system that understands modeling intent simply by recognizing what geometry is selected and in what context.

Is The V8 Dead?

Tougher fuel economy standards may be the end of most V8s.

VW's Mix-and-Match Modularity

As part of its goal to surpass Toyota in worldwide sales by 2020' the VW Group has revamped its development process around a flexible modular system capable of building an increasing number of vehicles with fewer resources.

VW's Bischoff On Design

If you get the fundamental architecture right, VW's Klaus Bischoff maintains, then all the rest falls into place-and no extraneous decorations are required.

Steel Charts Its Future

Coming changes in fuel economy and emission standards have put the spotlight on lightweight materials. The steel industry is readying its response.

Dodge's Crossover: The Journey

Every vehicle manufacturer seems to need a crossover utility vehicle (CUV) nowadays. With a lineup that includes SUVs like the Nitro and the Durango, Chrysler has launched a new entry into the CUV market: The Journey.