Hummer HX: Even the Floor Is Purposeful

With an abundance of aluminum sheet and billet, the interior of the Hummer HX concept is as purposeful as that of an M1 Abrams tank, although a whole lot more comfortable.

GMC Shows Its Unibody Truck Plans

GMC Denali XT Concept: Return of the El Camino?

Plastic Under the Hood

You’re looking at a picture of what is claimed to be a global first: a catalytic converter bracket engineered for the Volkswagen Golf, a component that’s ordinarily a metal/rubber assembly, but which is now an all-plastic design, utilizing DuPont Zytel nylon resin ( Not only does the bracket have to withstand dynamic forces and chemical exposure, given its proximity to the engine, it experiences temperatures up to 175°C.

Stronger, More Formable Steel Developed

Vehicle manufacturers are increasing their use of high- and ultra-high strength steels, and so steel manufacturers are increasing their portfolio of products in this arena.

Design Tool Aids Manufacturing

With time-to-market a growing concern, there is the possibility that designers might pass off designs that are difficult, if not impossible, to produce.

The Challenge of Change

With a title like Epic Change: How To Lead Change In the Global Age, you might think that what Timothy Clark, whose day job is running a consulting and training firm, is talking about is some sort of Cecil B.

Ford’s Boxy Vehicle

“The whole square thing is great,” remarks Jim Farley, Ford Global vp of Marketing and Communications, of the Ford Transit Connect.

Rolls-Royce Thinks Green

You probably wouldn’t expect folks who fork out upwards of $400,000 for a car to care about whether their vehicle is environmentally responsible, but that’s not the case, according to Ian Robertson, CEO of Rolls-Royce. “Our buyers are very worldly people; they are affected by global trends and global thinking,” he says.

Jaguar, Land Rover, Tata…Ferrari?

Ownership of Jaguar and Land Rover are about to transfer from Ford to Tata, just as a new model onslaught is beginning.

Forget What You Know About Speaker Design

While this may look like an ordinary computer monitor, it’s much more.

Machining Better Bearings

Brenco, Inc. ( isn’t an automotive supplier, but it does provide products to the transportation industry, to an industry that uses wheels: the railway industry.

Bearings Improve Fuel Efficiency

The Schaeffler Gruppe’s ( INA and FAG brands have developed powertrain and chassis-based bearing solutions that are said to provide marked improvements in vehicle fuel economy and emission levels with little change to current production vehicle and engine designs.


Audi Rolls With Indirect TPMS

Meeting the NHTSA regulation for tire pressure monitoring typically means putting pressure sensors inside tires. Audi is taking a new approach, one that uses sensor data fusion to determine tire pressure loss. And one of the sensors being used is the tire itself.

The Next Generation 2009 Acura TSX

The second generation sport sedan has a fresh design, significant engineering, and has a projected sales volume of 40,000 units. When the first generation came out, the number was thought to be 15,000. Yes, this vehicle has caught on.

Putting the Brakes on Weight

Brake system suppliers are providing a number of solutions for automakers to help reduce vehicle weight through new material and system-based technologies.

Field Guide: Omron Corp.

Omron is a global leader in automation, sensing, and control technologies, which leads it to other industries beyond industrial automation.

Audi's TDI Offensive

Its new 3.0-liter V6 diesel meets the toughest emission standards and is the first of what could be many diesel offerings to come from the German automaker.

Mazda: Designing Like the Wind

If there is any vehicle manufacturer that is consistently delivering on design on both the road and on the motor show stage, it’s Mazda. We talk with Laurens van den Acker, head of its Design Division, to discover the what, how and why they’re doing it.

Automation Replacement: Robots

As manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce floor space and increase flexibility, robots are being used to replace conventional automation.


After building a number of edgy versions of the M3, BMW rethinks the formula to create a high-performance 3 Series with supercar performance and everyday usability.

Robots The Next Generation

For years if you told someone that you work with "industrial robots" they'd hear the "robots" part and think about something like something from Forbidden Planet or The Day the Earth Stood Still. Yet the robots you're talking about look more like something built with an Erector set. Motoman's new industrial robot looks, well, like a "robot"-yes, the humanoid kind.


Close Up: Renishaw's Fast Scanning

"Renishaw" has pretty much become synonymous with probes for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Renishaw Inc. (Hoffman Estates, IL; is nothing else if not an advanced technology company, so its engineers have developed a five-axis scanning system, the Renscan5, and the associated REVO, an infinite-positioning two-axis head.

EuroAuto: The Return Of VCR

Amidst the glamour and glitz of new model launches at the 78th International Motor Show in Geneva show at the beginning of March, almost hidden from view, was a small company highlighting its vision of a brighter and greener future.

Insider: Forget About Recession, What about The Election?

We all know the doldrums in the U.S. economy are likely to negatively impact auto sales through at least the first half of this year, according to those who love to pontificate about our beloved auto business.

Dudder: Travels With Truman

He picked me up in Pasadena in his yellow Porsche Boxster and drove me through rush hour traffic to his home in Long Beach so I could finally meet Truman.

Insight: Price Reduction Requests Down - For Now

Every two years' IRN conducts a survey of the supply base' The Dynamics of Price Reduction Requests; the purpose of the survey is to provide suppliers with some context for deciding how to respond to requests from customers for price reductions and givebacks on current' new' or past work performed.

Operations & Finance: Automotive Economic Storm: Plastics In Danger

Despite the steady toppling of suppliers over the past several years, the automotive industry still seems to have blinders on when it comes to facing up to the next sector or commodity in potential danger.

Marginal: I Say It's Spinach

One of the real problems of the industry is that there must be a shift in priorities from horsepower to fuel efficiency, from 0 to 60 times to 60 mpgs, and there just doesn't seem to be the drive to get this done in as fast and as efficient a manner as necessary-assuming, of course, that the domestic OEMs want to sell large quantities products in the not-too-distant future.

Profiles: Toying With Design At Mitsubishi

If Mitsubishi's Concept-RA coupe-which debuted at the 2008 North American International Auto Show-seems to bring to mind a Hot Wheels car, that's not entirely an accident.

Objects of Interest

Objects of Interest: April 2008

Bore Surface Optical SensorHommel-Etamic’s( internal inspection system is designed for automated optical inspection of bores with a diameter range of 14 to 50 mm and depths of 450 mm, with a cycle time of only seconds per part.