Building the Hatchback for the Mercedes A-Class

Here's a step-by-step walk through of an automated line in Brazil that uses 12 robots to assemble hatchbacks. It's an innovative line for an innovative vehicle.

Under the Hood of the 1999 Saturn

A different kind of car. A different kind of company. And a different way to build engines. That's Saturn.

Chrysler's Return To Brazil: It's All Relative

While the world has focused on Chrysler's up-coming merger with Daimler, the company has also focused on its relationship with Brazil. In particular, the relationship between its newly dedicated Dodge Dakota plant and its suppliers, among others. --By Colleen Dejong, Senior Associate Editor

Things to Know About Cam Grinding

By James Gaffney, Product Engineer, Precision Grinding and Patrick D. Redington, Manager, Precision Grinding Business Unit, Norton Company (Worcester, MA)

Negotiating for High Tech

Here are some techniques that you and your team can use to get a handle on dealing with such things as software licenses and making sure that what you pay for is what you actually get.

Operational Improvements: How to Build Cars More Effectively (Part 2)

In Part I (August '98), Glenn Mercer of McKinsey & Co. describes some of the plant-level initiatives—such as team building—that are proven to boost productivity. Here he looks at the various departments of an assembly plant and provides recommendations regarding how operations can be improved.

Fast, Flexible & Economic

A look at Index Corp.'s MV200 Production Center.