Protecting the Electronic Health Record - Our Centerpiece

Disaster avoidance and disaster recovery plans are the final prescription for good health and the ultimate protection of the electronic health record.

IT and Compliance: Applying Lessons Learned

A disciplined approach will help organizations deal with an onslaught of new requirements. And the inclusion of technology in operational risk discussions by business strategists help bring the subject to the attention of the C-suite.

New Ways to Use the BIA Survey

Maintaining currrent BIAs can be a tedious, but not impossible, process. In fact, the BIA can be used to gather information on a number of activities associated with business continuity planning.

Case Study

Land O' Lakes: BCP Like Butta

Land O'Lakes CIO Mark Wilberts understands that business continuity has as much to do with common sense and commitment as it does with computers. By focusing on practical planning, Wilberts and a team of 30-plus employees have cut through the typical obstacles to launching a business continuity program like a hot knife through, well, butter.

The Business Continuity Planning Iniatives at Johns Hopkins Health System

The BCP initiatives at Johns Hopkins Health System is 60 percent complete. By 2006 every department will develop a comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-follow business continuity.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and BCP: The Cure for Disruption

When your business is providing patient care, business continuity takes on a whole new meaning. Power outages, hurricanes, and network outages are only a few of the incidents recently affecting healthcare institutions around the country. For Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, improving the ability to deliver care to patients during such an incident is a priority.


The business continuity and disaster recovery efforts for the worlds's second largest outsourcing provider. EDS (Plano, TX), require a great deal of careful planning, coordination, and testing.