What's in an Online Marketplace?

Web-based trading exchanges are the e-hot e-spots for buyers and sellers to meet and conduct business, from simple catalog presentations to, in the future, fully integrated back-office transactions. Here's what those exchanges are going to look like.

Building The Last Ride

Accubuilt is the largest maker of funeral coaches in America. Its plant in Lima, Ohio blends hand-building and mass production techniques to transform Cadillacs and Lincolns into the cars that take you there but don't bring you back.

The Future's Not Far Away

Although Visteon's Jim Wynalek has a vision of the connected vehicle, he's not looking far beyond the parking lot. It is not a matter of if or when. It is a question of both how and how much? Here's what he's seeing.


Building the X-Type Infrastructure

When Ford took Jaguar over in late 1989 it found a catalog of disasters.

Toyota Takes on Trucks

Toyota has long been known as a producer of durable, long lasting compact pickup trucks, yet recent years have seen them rapidly expand the truck line-up.

America the Beautiful

Once upon a time, American companies built cars that were unmistakably...American.

IT Security: Not Optional

Computer security is the most dangerously neglected issue in today's rapidly changing auto-industry landscape.

Do You Communicate Effectively?

Putting your ideas across and trying to understand the ideas of others, whether they are spoken or written, probably make up at least 50 percent of most people's working day.Where communications are effective, there are few, if any, misunderstandings, grievances, errors, personality conflicts, emotional upsets and so on.

BMW: Believing the Banner

"Customers Drive our Future" reads the banner as a group of 15 students and faculty from RIT entered the corridor to BMW's Spartanburg, SC, plant that is in the process of expanding production to continue to deliver the Z3 roadster and one of the hottest selling new SUVs, the X5.

SC 430: A Look at Luxury

In an era that is seemingly characterized by vehicular functionality, Lexus has crafted the SC 430, a coupe that is essentially engineered for a driver, passenger, and not much else.