July 2014


Tenneco: Talking about Emissions

Meeting 54.5 mpg by 2025 is challenging enough. But as Tim Jackson and his colleagues at Tenneco know there are some emissions standards that are going to kick in starting model year 2017 that may be even more daunting.

Radical Design for 54.5 MPG & More

The people at DeltaWing Technologies think their approach to racecar architecture could have applicability for daily drivers, as well. Light, sleek, energy-efficient, and, well . . . unusual.

Ford 2015 F-150: Beyond the Aluminum

Considerable care was taken in engineering the best-selling pickup so that weight is minimized and the use of recycled material is maximized, all while assuring the "Built Ford Tough" requirement.

How to Make Machine Tools More Sustainable

If you maximize spindle utilization and don’t use energy to run pumps when a machine is idle, you’ll make more (parts and money). So explains Adam Hansel of DMG MORI.

Major Gains in Energy Reduction through Minor Adjustments

You may be surprised at how you can achieve output, quality, and energy savings in machining operations.


How Globalization is Gobbling Up Local Resources

“Globalization” is one of those oft-utilized—and oft over-utilized— terms used to describe several  regional shifts within the industry.

Thinking About Sustainability

We need more thinking, especially if we are to address waste, not merely the waste that occurs in manufacturing operations, but in the whole product development cycle, from ideation to execution.