June 2013


The Building Blocks of Safety

Getting to today’s safety systems took time, effort and integration of formerly discrete systems, but it is only the beginning.

Nissan is Building EV Batteries (and EVs) in Smyrna

"The LEAF is not one car. It's a vision,” Carlos Ghosn, Nissan president and CEO, said in March. It is also a tremendous investment that the company is making—it could go to as much as $1.7-billion—at its facilities in Tennessee to bring the electric vehicle to the masses.

Ian Callum on Jaguar Design

It’s one part history, one part commitment, and one part desire. And it’s all about Jaguar.

5 Things about the Fiat 500e

Fiat is bringing a little more environmentally responsible fun to its lineup, an electric-powered 500.

GM Building Motors in Baltimore

While there are plenty of electric motors in automobiles—for everything from the windshield wipers to the power windows— the number of electric motors where the internal combustion engine normally sits is still pretty low. There is only one way to learn how to build them, which is to build them, and that’s just what GM is doing in a plant in Baltimore.

Kia Continues to Develop Clever Cars

It is launching the fifth-generation Forte compact car and although the Sorento CUV is just being “refreshed,” even the platform is redesigned. The word relentless comes to mind.

Advancing Manufacturing Technology at Ford

Flexibility and standardization go hand-in-hand as Ford advances its manufacturing capabilities around the world.

A Laser Replaces ... Stamping

By using a laser to cut and weld steel strip rather than stamping and forming the material, Freudenberg is no longer producing tons of engineered scrap in a component-making operation.


Making It in Mid-Mexico

The myriad of bilateral trade agreements between Mexico and several high-volume vehicle markets, anxious states willing to draw new investments, as well as a growing outbound shipping infrastructure has led to a massive expansion in mid-Mexico production capacity.

People Matter

Surprisingly, many organizations emulate Toyota’s technical systems rather than their people systems.


Lasers for Improved Design & Engineering

VW extensively uses lasers for joining in the Volkswagen Golf VII.

Cadillac CTS Lightens Up with Aluminum

The 2014 Cadillac CTS is using a whole lot of aluminum for various components, visible and structural.