Hey! What're You Lookin' At?

Eye-tracking systems promise to reduce accidents by helping drivers keep their eyes on the road They have become increasingly sophisticated and are poised to enter production within five years as part of sensor-based safety packages

Advanced Composites for an Advanced Corvette

Corvettes have always used advanced materials, whether it is the SMC body panels or the titanium exhaust system For the 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06, they're taking things to a new level, with what is thought to be the largest carbon-fiber composite piece used on a production vehicle Here's a look

Bosch Gets to the Point

Direct injection is the technology of the near future for both gasoline and diesel engines, say Bosch engineers It will keep the internal combustion engine clean, powerful, and efficient during a period when hydrogen power is more dream than reality

On The Beach: A Photo Essay

On the Beach: California Cruiser, Kahuna, Avenger, Airflight and Tomahawk at South Beach  "KAHUNA" means "the Boss" in Hawaiian

Industrial Ethernet: Wiring the Enterprise

Rumors of Ethernet's demise on the factory floor, especially for control applications, are unfounded What's more, wireless solutions are providing even more opportunity for this network technology

Forming Wheels - By Spinning

At Kawasaki, ATV wheels are produced in house - and even for other companies While other companies may roll formtheir wheels, they've found spinning to be advantageous to meet the requirements of their production system

HSLA and Some Stamping Considerations

The material is great with regard to part performance - but be sure that the pressroom is set up to accommodate it


Learning from Leaders

If you must copy, copy from the best, not the guys down the street