The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program is an undertaking that has not only resulted in a whole new suite of cost-effective military aircraft, but has had an effect on the capabilities and functionalities of product lifecycle management (PLM) systems used in industries including auto. By the way: Think a car has lots of parts? An F-35 has about 1.5 million.

PLM & Lean Product Development

Lean initiatives to eliminate waste are not just for production and inventory management. They also apply to product development. Here's how PLM can make that happen.

Prevailing Technology

The winds of change in the auto industry may blow some automakers off course, but TRW is preparing safety systems designed to keep them on track.

Lexus Comes into Its Own

Seventeen years after its debut, Lexus, with the LS 460, is producing a product that is in no way a derivative of what other brands are building. It has established itself as a contender in the luxury segment in its own right.

A View on Advancing Metalcutting Technology

As vp of Technology at AMT, Paul Warndorf is keeping tabs on what's going on in both the commercial and academic worlds when it comes to material processing. Here's some of the things he's seen of late.

VW Eos: Hats Off

Folding hardtops are becoming as common as iPods these days. Ford's 1957-1959 Fairlane Skyliner took technology originally developed for the Continental Mark II to production, but the complex and heavy mechanism never caught on. Years later, the idea was revived by the folding roof of the Mercedes SLK, and found its way into everything from the extremely rare Qvale Mangusta to Cadillac's XLR, before targeting more affordable offerings like Volvo's C70 and Pontiac's G6. Now VW enters the fray with its Eos, a Golf-based four-seater that adds a few tricks of its own to the mix.

HALLMARK on Jettas, Exchange Rates & Why Technology Matters to VW

Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president, Volkswagen of America, says that VW wants to be a volume player in the U.S. market.


On Strategy: Restructuring Recommendations

Restructuring involves the creative destruction and reinvention of today’s top automotive OEMs and suppliers.

Insider: Beyond Petroleum—Well, 85% Beyond

Having recently acquired a 2006 Dodge Ram with a standard 4.7-liter V8, I thought I would do my part to help the environment by using E85 as my fuel of choice.

Insight: Seeing Windows of Opportunity

Many successful business out-comes depend on a good assessment of the "window of opportunity." There is often an element of time that needs to be considered: Something can make perfect sense at one point in time but not another, or it can be a good idea for a while but not indefinitely.

EuroAuto: Accelerating CFD Performance

With the ever-increasing sophistication of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), rather dismissively known as "Color For Directors" by some aerodynamicists, the role of the wind tunnel has been called into question.

Marginal: The Extraordinary Every Day

"People don't need our s---. That's what I tell my people all of the time." So said Peter van Stolk to me in a conversation that I'd had the pleasure of having with him at the Management Briefing Seminars held by the Center for Automotive Research in Traverse City in August.

Dudder: Work or Play?

Sitting in the front passenger seat of my 2003 Mini Cooper was an engineer from one of the domestic automakers.

Objects of Interest - September 2006

TOOLHOLDER FOR THREADING A tool-holder from Seco-Carboloy (www.secocarboloy.com; Warren, MI) for its Snap Tap thread turning inserts features an Anti-Twist insert locking system.


Turbocharging Impeller Production

When Turbocam (www.turbocam.com; Dover, NH), a supplier of turbo machinery parts for ground and aerospace transportation applications, was tasked with producing a diesel engine turbocharger impeller for a customer, it installed a new production cell.

Oh So Smart

DaimlerChrysler’s new SMART ev, an electrically powered version of the fortwo model, will be offered to UK corporate customers on a lease basis as part of a trial marketing program starting this November.

The Global Neighborhood

The so-called "global economy" is pretty much like the weather.

Big SUV. Smaller Market.

George Pipas, U.S.

Corn For Car Interiors

Honda has developed a new “bio-fabric” that uses PPT (polypropylene terephthalate) as its base material.

How to Handle Complaints

So what happens if you're a supplier and you don't think that your customer is being fair?