EuroAuto: Innovations for CO2 Reduction

Engine downsizing has become a primary concern in Europe as the commitment made by the ACEA, the European automobile manufacturers association, to reduce average carbon dioxide emissions to 140 gm/km for passenger cars sold in Europe by 2008 looms ever closer.

Insight: Who Suppliers Need to Reach at the OEMs

In the January issue ( the five categories of organizational disciplines automotive suppliers need to have in place to be innovation leaders in their niche (alignment, processes, culture, support infrastructure, and measurement) were discussed.

On the Management Side: Cashing In On Your Spare Time

Load a manager down with a number of important assignments and, almost automatically, he will sort them out, delegate certain jobs to others and devote his new energies to the most demanding tasks.Hand the same manager some free time and, in all likelihood, he will fall into the trivia trap, filling up the time with "busy work": jobs that may keep his mind and hands occupied and even lead him to believe he is accomplishing something, but that—in reality—aren't very important.When you are truly busy, you necessarily concentrate on what is important.

On Strategy: Electronics & Automotive: Achieving a More Solid Union

A presenter at the Convergence 2004 conference compared the growing confluence of the automotive and electronics industries as a marriage between an elephant and a fruit fly.

Marginal: Product, Process & Lean

In the '90s, when General Motors started talking more frequently about its then-nascent Global Manufacturing System, I often heard the name "Tom LaSorda" brought up.

Dudder: Five Thoughts

In 10 years, a high-volume production vehicle will be one that is produced in yearly batches of 70,000 to 125,000 units.


Hardware-In-The-Loop: Assuring Performance & Quality By Combining The Real & The Virtual

Dealing with the complexities that multiple electronic control units present can be demanding. But it can also be automated, which makes a whole lot of sense for companies that want to catch the bugs before they arrive in customers' driveways.

What You Should Know About Ultra-Wideband

Proponents say Ultra-Wideband wireless technology can quickly and reliably move huge amounts of data throughout the car, making it well-suited for multimedia applications. It also could eliminate the cost, complexity and weight of conventional wire harnesses…someday.

Coming Attractions

This year is about half over, which means the 2006 and early 2007 models will begin breaking cover soon. What will the future hold? Here’s a look at some of the vehicles that have yet to make an auto show appearance, but could make your life more…interesting.

Software Developments That May Simplify Your Challenges

Here are some of the things that I saw at the National Design Engineering Show during National Manufacturing Week. Not everything. Just some items of particular relevance and interest.


With decades of automotive development and production experience, a reputation for doing more with less and an address next door to the world's fastest growing markets, Australia is on the rise.


Here's how an automotive supplier of lighting, electronics, and other advanced technology products is working to gain market share through innovation, competitive pricing, and collaborations. All indications are that it's working.

Tom LaSorda: Chrysler Group's Lean Thinker

May 2005 marks Tom LaSorda's first anniversary as COO at Chrysler Group. Although Chrysler is arguably on quite a roll, speaking like a good sensei, LaSorda states, "You're never as good as you think you are. Somebody around the corner or across the world is always trying to take your business away from you. So you can never let up." And having great products helps, too.

Microsoft's In-Car Audio Approach

Microsoft (; Redmond, WA) is working with automotive audio head unit suppliers to incorporate its new PlaysForSure standard.

Line-Speed Parts Inspection

Imagine an inspection machine that can catch defects as small as 0.3 mm on parts–like cylinder heads–moving down an assembly line.


Cost-Effective Composite Cars?

Lotus Engineering (Hethel, England; and Jacob Composite GmbH (Wilhelmsdorf, Germany; have begun a program called ECOLITE (Efficient Composites—Lightweight and Thermoformed) that aims to cost-effectively produce passenger cars with chassis and body panels made primarily of composite materials at volumes in the 30,000 to 50,000 unit/year range.


Moving people, parcels and parts around military bases via tactical vehicles is an inefficient use of resources.


Perhaps I am too literal-minded, but when I pick up a book titled The One Thing You Need To Know, I assume that there will be a singular recommendation.


The title of this book gets your attention.

Think Different

"There will always be things about your offering that some customer segments dislike.

Return of the Sportage

Kia stopped selling its Sportage SUV in the U.S. about three years ago because the body-on-frame design couldn't economically be updated to meet tightening safety and competitive standards.


As this is the centennial year for SAE, and as the people at General Motors decided that they wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary to help celebrate that event.

Nissan Ups Its Design Capability

Although frugality certainly plays a large role in Nissan's comeback from the brink of oblivion during the past few years, one thing that is sometimes considered to be the antithesis of prudence has played an equally important part: Design.