Six Things To Know About The 2010 Mazda3

"Six?" you wonder. "Isn't this about the Mazda3?" Well, there are two body styles, so two times three . . .

Autodesk Introduces 2010

Yes, 2010. The software company has rolled out a raft of new tools for the design, analysis, and simulation of products. Virtual prototype first, then move on to the real thing.

Rethinking The Interior

Faurecia designers and engineers set out to make an interior that is lighter and more recyclable than conventional ones. They've developed something that may lead to a reconsideration of how and with what materials ought to be assembled.

Taiwan Takes On The Global Slowdown

A focus on electronics and the growth of indigenous manufacturers are occurring in this Asian country.

Plastic Processing for Nicer Interiors

How a new process can result in soft-touch instrument panels, a key attribute of today's desirable vehicles.

What Web 2.0 Means To You

Web 2.0. Manufacturing 2.0. Enterprise 2.0. These terms point to the same goal: Using the web to promote collaborative work.

What Auto Interior People Can Learn from Herman Miller

Let's face it, for years the office chair was nothing more than a commodity... until Herman Miller produced the iconic Aeron. Maybe there is a lesson here.


Plugging Away

The fact that it’s at least a year before an automaker rolls a single plug-in vehicle onto a dealer lot is irrelevant. For GM and Toyota, the hard sell on who has the better battery blueprint has already started.

Off-the-Shelf Hydraulics & The X Prize: Lightning Hybrids

X Prize competitor Lightning Hybrids is using off-the-shelf hydraulics to bust loose at 0-60 mph in six seconds and still get 150 mpg.